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Bombay Times - Display Ad Rates

Rates for Display Advertisement w.e.f. 1st Dec, 2018

All The Ad Rates are in per sq.cm

Editions Base Rate Back Page Page 3 Any Page Front Page Min Size (c.m)
Bombay Times Retail Ad Rates 2810 3385 3455 3095 4745 10 X 10

Note: The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

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Bombay Times Ad Rates

Bombay Times: is a daily, English language supplement available in The Times of India, in Mumbai. The Bombay Times contains news, events and articles related to the film world, both National and international. Not only about films, but, it also contains news from the world of fashion and lifestyles. Everything related to 'celebrity', Fashion and movies is a must find here!
In short, Bombay Times Contains:

  • Promotional news articles and ads about new movies.
  • Promotional news articles about new book releases by authors.
  • Film Industry related Ads like, acting classes by renowned theatre personalities.
  • Promotional ads and articles related to cosmetic products.
  • Promotional ads and articles related to Ayurveda medicines.

How Ads in Bombay Times benefits.

Bombay Times Newspaper is a General Interest category Newspaper. Hence, it is a good advertising option for brands who want to target their audience in Mumbai. Since it comes along with the Times of India which has the largest circulation and readership, Bombay Times too enjoys the same circulation and readership. Hence this is a good choice to place ads and reach out to a large section of readers from Film and Fashion industry. As of today, Bombay Times has carved a separate name for itself for being a supplementary that publishes news and articles related to fashion and Films. The younger generation, in particular is all crazy for Movies and movie stars. Many of them are interested in emulating their stars and some are even curious about their favourite celebrity’s Fashion sense (choice) . A cosmetic (body spray) endorsed by celebrity and advertised in Bombay Times is sure to sell in large numbers. Similar is the case with Clothing and other popular Brands.

Bombay Times ad Rates for 2018-19
  • Q:What are the different type of ads that one can place in Bombay Times - Times of India?

    A: 1:Bombay Times Variable Size ads: This ad type is charged on per square area basis. Advertisers get options to select the ad size.

    2: Bombay Times Fixed size ads: In this category, you can Place a Full page Bombay Times Ad, Half page Bombay Times Ad, Quarter page Bombay Times Ad.

    3: Bombay Times Jacket ads: This is a premium, full front page Bombay Times ad.

    4: Bombay Times Skybus ads: Fixed size horizontal ads on top most part of the first page in Bombay Times.

    5: Bombay Times Pointer ads: Small size ads that appear on the front page.

  • Q: Can anyone place a front page ad in Bombay Times - Times of India?

    Answer: Yes, a front page ad can be placed with a minimum of 240 Sq. Cm.

  • Q: What about other page ads in Bombay Times - Times of India?

    A: Ads can be placed in other pages too in Bombay Times with a minimum of 20 sq.cm.

  • Q: What about the ad rates of Bombay Times?

    A: Bombay Times Ad Rates varies are based on factors like Ad Size, Ad Placement, Demand, Season etc. Hence you'll have to check out with our executive, and confirm.

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