"Bus Advertisement!"

Bus branding is also an economical platform with a massive reach to promote & market your brand, owing to the strong dependency of the urban population on the city buses for their daily commute. This platform is ideal for everything from commercial brands and public campaigns, to promotional & political campaigns as well, since it also targets all segments of the population offering exposure to local commuters like families, professionals, tourists, students, as well as drivers, vehicular traffic and pedestrians.

The large striking boards are scrupulously designed in a way that it is simply impossible to ignore them. This is especially true for the ads placed inside the bus, considering the fact that passengers have nowhere to go and quite often nothing much to do either. So these boards with its compelling design and copy also act as a source of entertainment, patiently hanging there for everyone to see. Isn’t that great? You bet!

We provide billboards with large, vibrant & innovative designs that are guaranteed to grab eyeballs. These are put up on the inner and outer spaces of the bus which will remain exclusively yours throughout the duration of the campaign. Availability in various sizes & formats as per your requirements as well as flexibility in choosing your locations makes bus branding one of the best media options to quickly get the attention of the masses of all ages, backgrounds and incomes.

Bus Advertisement Rates for 2023