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Hindustan Times advertisement rates

Hindustan times Classified Ad Rates in Delhi start from ₹ 760 sqcm

Get Hindustan times display Advertisement rates, resonable Hindustantimes advertisement rates also Check here latest Hindustantimes Classified Rate Card, Hindustantimes ad rate, Hindustantimes Display Rate Card, Hindustantimes Obituary Rate Card, Hindustantimes Matrimonial Ad Rate Card Hindustantimes Travel Ad Rate Card, Hindustantimes Property Ad Rate Card

Hindustan Times Appointment Ad Rate Card

Rates for Hindustan Times Appointment Advertisement w.e.f.1st December, 2023

All The Ad Rates are in per Sq Cm.
Editions Display Ascent Ad Rates (per
Black & White / Color
Mumbai 700
Delhi 1400
Patna 250
Ranchi 250
Pune 250
Lucknow 400
Note:The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

What is Hindustan Times Ad Rates?

Cost Of Hindustan Times Newspaper Advertisement depends on color, location, size, placement, edition.

Advertisement In Hindustan Times Newspaper is very easy , just fill the advertisement details in form or just call to our assistant at 67704000.

Hindustan Times Newspaper Advertisement Rates starts from 250 to 15 lakhs depend on your advertisement format and city you choose, also the placement in Hindustan Times newspaper like front page, Hindustan Times todays, and classified page.

Newspaper advertising rates are quoted per square cm. The rate of discount on newspaper cards depends on the size of the ad, inserts and product category.

The rates depends on placement in Hindustan Times Newspaper like Advertising in Hindustan Times on Front Page, Back Page or Page 3 have more cost than classified section.

The option of placing your advertisement in Hindustan Times Newspaper will mean you pay less. At Riyoadvertising you will get more discount to publish your ad in Hindustan Times Newspaper. You can check above Hindustan Times Ads Rate in detail.

So to check rates for Hindustan Times advertisement Click here

Hindustan Times Delhi Edition Rates for Classified Advertisement HTD(weekday) Black and White ad is for Rs. 760 and color ad rate is for Rs.851 and without border Rs. 3000. With Border Rs. 3010. Extra lines for Rs. 700. AND HTD(weekday) + HHD (Any Day) Black and White ad is for Rs. 1070 and color ad rate is for Rs.1198 and without border Rs. 3960. With Border Rs. 3970. Extra lines for Rs. 700.

What are Ad Rates In Hindustan Times Newspaper?

Hindustan Times Display, Obituary, Classified Ad rates.

  • HTD(weekday) Black and White ad is for Rs. 760 and color ad rate is for Rs.851 and without border Rs. 3000. With Border Rs. 3010. Extra lines for Rs. 700.
  • HTD(weekday) + HHD (Any Day) Black and White ad is for Rs. 1070 and color ad rate is for Rs.1198 and without border Rs. 3960. With Border Rs. 3970. Extra lines for Rs. 700.
  • HTD(Weekday + Sunday) + HHD (Any Day) Black and White ad is for Rs. 1160 and color ad rate is for Rs.1299 and without border Rs. 4700. With Border Rs. 4710. Extra lines for Rs. 700.
  • HTD(Weekday + Sunday) + HHD (Any Day) + HTD Special Black and White ad is for Rs. 1232 and color ad rate is for Rs.1380 and without border Rs. 4900. With Border Rs. 4910. Extra lines for Rs. 700
  • HTD(Weekday + Sunday) + HHD (Any Day) Black and White ad is for Rs. 1517 and color ad rate is for Rs.1699 and without border Rs. 5500. With Border Rs. 5510. Extra lines for Rs. 700

How to book online Advertisement in Hindustan Times Newspaper?

We are happy to help you. You can share your advertisement requirements with us by Email / WhatsApp and our Riyo Representative will give you a quote instantly, once you approve we will release the advertisement in Hindustan Times newspapers.

For Appointment Ads, kindly share your content on our email id or WhatsApp 9821984000, we will share your sample first, once you approve we will release appointment ads in Time of India.

You will received softcopy by Email of your advertisement.

What Discount is giving for Advertising in Hindustan Times Newspaper?

There are diffrent discounts and offer on packages for Hindustan Times Newspaper.

Kindly speak with our assistant on 9821984000 for exact Discount available for Hindustan Times Newspaper.

I would like to place Display Color ads in Hindustan Times , kindly share the advertisement sizes options ?

There are lot of different sizes are available. The Minimum size for Display ads in Hindustan Times are as follows: 4 Cm Width X 5 Cm Height = 20 Square Cm, 10 Cm Width X 10 Cm Height = 100 Sq cm, 12 Cm Width X 20 Cm height =240 Square Cm (Quarter Page Ad in Hindustan Times ), 25 Cm Width X 16 Cm height = 400 Square Cm ( Half Page ad in Hindustan Times ).

Which is the Best Day to Publish an Ad in Hindustan Times Newspaper?

If you are looking for recruitment ads in Hindustan Times Newspaper all days are good for getting Response from Public Notice, Display, Classified Recruitment Ads. Speak once to our team so we can guide you a better way at 9821984000.

Riyo advertising agency accepts all types of advertisement for Hindustan Times Newspaper. Call us for Special packages & discounted ad rates on 022 6770 4000 / 022 67706500 / 9821984000 or email us on

Hindustan Times Ad Rates

Hindustan Times (HT) Is one of India’s national leading English dailies with a readership of 3.7 million. Established in 1924, the newspaper has editions published from Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi and Kolkata. The group HT Media also has a Hindi daily by name “Hindustan” which is the second largest in India. One can also look for online news on its website, Mint, is a business specific newspaper which is mostly relied on for stock market updates. Mint as a business newspaper makes it to the number two position amongst others.

The classified section in Hindustan Times is the place for all your advertisements. We at Riyo advertising make it easy for you to place your ad in any sections, with our compatible and unmatched rate.


Hindustan Times Delhi Edition Classified Ad Rates 2023

Packages Classified Display Ad Rates (Rs.) ROL (min 5 lines) Extra Line
B / W Color Without Border With Border
HTD(weekday) 760 851 3000 3010 700
HTD(weekday) + HHD (Any Day) 1070 1198 3960 3970 700
HTD(Weekday + Sunday) + HHD (Any Day) 1160 1299 4700 4710 700
HTD(Weekday + Sunday) + HHD (Any Day) + HTD Special 1232 1380 4900 4910 700
HTD(Weekday + Sunday) + HHD (Any Day) 1517 1699 5500 5510 700
Note:The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

Now Book Hindustan Times Matrimonial Ad is very easy, just fill the details in form or cal us at 9821984000 , hindustan times advertisement online, assistant will help you to publish Obituary ad in hindustan times. You can check recruitment ad rates Hindustan Times as well as get updated Display Advertisement Rates.

Hindustan Times specialities.

Text Classified Ads in Hindustan Times Newspaper

Text ads of small sizes (Classifieds) can be booked with easy text style and some part of the text can be highlighted with bold or capital letters.

Display Classified Ads in Hindustan Times Newspaper

These ads have better visual effects to attract readers. It can have logos or other visuals supported by the text lines which can be booked in black and white or color.

How a display ad is different from other classified ads?

  • A display ad is printed in more space; like full, half or quarter page or as per requirement.
  • Display ads have better visual effect, and generate better response.
  • A lot of creative work can be carried out in Display ads because of the use of images, colours and decorative fonts that are used.

Riyo Advertising books Classified and Display Ads in all sections:

Hindustan Times Obituary ads: Booking obituary ads through Riyo advertising will save you a lot of effort and time. You may want to use your time for other important things to be managed. We give you a wide range of choices to make; from ad designs to rates. For Obituaries ads, we work with emotions.

Hindustan Times remembrance ads:Share your feelings by publishing a Remembrance ad. Riyo advertising will take care of the procedure, and the art work. Your feelings are our concern while you advertise through us.

The Hindustan Times Matrimonial ads :To you‘ll who are dreaming of Brides and Grooms, come and make your dreams a reality! Marriage is an institution; and a serious one. Book your matrimony ads through Riyo advertising and gets the best scripts, ad formats and much more at unimaginable rates.

Name change in Hindustan Times :A name change document is an important legal document. Once this is made, the next process is publishing your name change advertisement in a newspaper. This is a declaration stating that you have changed your name. We at Riyo advertising do the entire work and keep you at ease.

Recruitment ads in Hindustan Times : Fill up all the vacant positions urgently; hire the best work force in your organization. To get the best response to all your ads, book your newspaper advertisement in Hindustan Times through Riyo advertising.

Education ads in Hindustan Times : Be it a competitive exam centre, a personal tutor, or a technical education centre. Newspaper adverting is a must if you should prosper in the education business. Book your ads through Riyo advertising for your education ads in Hindustan times newspaper.

Vehicle & Automobile ads in Hindustan Times : Looking to book a vehicle/automobile ad? We at Riyo advertising will help you with the best rates in the ad industry. You can book your ad to buy or sell new or old vehicles in Hindustan times' vehicle & automobile section.

Lost & found ads in Hindustan Times : It’s time now you place your ad for the lost materials. Place your ads in Hindustan times newspaper for your valuable lost documents. Call on Riyo advertising to take care of your Lost&Found ad requirement.

Property ads in Hindustan Times : A newspaper advertisement will get your property requirements met on a larger scale as compared to any other. Display it here in the property section of Hindustan Times. Sell or rent your property through just an ad. It’s a great business idea!

Hindustan Times Tender Notice ads : Are you looking to place a Tender notice ad? Book your tender notice ads in Hindustan times newspaper. Riyo advertising accepts ads for Govt. tenders, Notice inviting tenders, property redevelopment tenders, construction of road tenders, E-procurement tenders, Electricity/power plant tenders etc.

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