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Auto rickshaw advertising

Auto rickshaw advertising is an exciting addition to the advertising game that has made an impressive presence in the offline world in recent years, becoming a popular media platform across both small towns and big cities. Due to its cost-effectiveness and wide-reaching engagement, this platform is perfect for start-ups with low budget. From 8 year olds to 80 year olds it engages large number of consumers owing to the traffic jams that are a common sight in all metro cities. According to our survey the average viewership easily exceeds 6000 views per auto rickshaw.

The best part is that your advertisement moves everywhere with the rickshaw throughout the day, targeting all segments of the population and creating higher brand recall value with a greater probability of quick responses. It is one of the best ways to deliver your message to thousands of people every day.

We place your advertisements on the back of the rickshaw with clear and innovative designs that are appealing to the eyes. You have options to choose either with or without LED backlight as well as an option of flex-based ads. The rates will vary accordingly with each having its own separate set of benefits, but whatever the choice our expert team will ensure quality designs & materials with an objective to get you maximum returns. Auto rickshaw branding is a safe bet for any brand of any size.

Why Riyo Advertising :

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