Rajasthan Patrika Classified Ad Rate Card

Rates for Rajasthan Patrika Classified Advertisement w.e.f. 1st December, 2023

All The Ad Rates are in per Sq Cm.
Editions Min word 20 word Ad Rates (Rs.) Classified Display Ad Rates(Rs.)
Madhya Pradesh 20 4390 2251
Bhopal 20 966 477
Indore 20 1323 592
Jabalpur 20 845 598
Ujjain 20 506 92
Ratlam+Mandsaur 20 598 242
Gwalior 20 719 558
Satna 20 304 161
Raipur+Bhillai 20 959 732
Bilaspur 20 263 263
NT Indore 20 192 96
NT JPR 20 186 84
DN 20 210 90
Rajasthan 20 2640 3117
Jaipur 20 949 1032
Jodhpur 20 1068 438
Udaipur 20 594 414
Kota 20 564 452
Bikaner 20 442 298
srigangangar 20 426 378
Sikar 20 450 354
Bhilwara 20 324 314
Alwar 20 570 314
Ajmer 20 402 227
Banswar 20 336 214
Pali 20 372 252
Note:The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

Rajasthan Patrika Ad Rates

The Patrika group is the publisher of Rajasthan Patrika. It's connect with the people has enabled it to, today make up to the number one position among Hindi dailies in Rajasthan (both in terms of Circulation & Readership). The Group began its publication fifty nine years ago, and today reaches about 12,455,000 people all over the country. The patrika group has its publication in 8 states with 35 print editions. It has editions from states: Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, and Karnataka. Apart from this credibility, Patrika is an effective Hindi newspaper that reaches out to the few Hindi readers in non- Hindi states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and West Bengal.

Advertisements in Rajasthan Patrika, the Hindi newspaper, have the potential to reach a large number of Hindi speaking readers. Newspaper advertising is the top most means to mass communication, and hence an effective means of advertising. We at Riyo advertising have a tie up with all the leading newspapers in the country. For all your advertisements in Rajasthan Patrika we have a package to suit you. We at Riyo Advertising will make it easy for you. Depend on Riyo advertising for all you business ad promotions. Contact Riyo advertising on phone or email, and we will be glad to assist you.

How to Book Ads in Rajasthan Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper:

Riyo Advertising works with all the leading newspapers and magazines across India. Riyo Advertising can book your ads in Rajasthan Patrika, in all Categories like: Vehicle & Automobile ads in Rajasthan Patrika, Lost & found ads in Rajasthan Patrika, Property ads in Rajasthan Patrika, Tender Notice ads in Rajasthan Patrika, Education ads in Rajasthan Patrika, Name change in Rajasthan Patrika, Matrimonial ads in Rajasthan Patrika, Remembrance ads in Rajasthan Patrika, Obituary ads in Rajasthan Patrika.

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What Discount is giving for Advertising in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper?

There are diffrent discounts and offer on packages for Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper. Kindly speak with our assistant on 9821984000 for exact Discount available for Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper. I would like to place Display Color ads in Rajasthan Patrika , kindly share the advertisement sizes options ? There are lot of different sizes are available. The Minimum size for Display ads in Rajasthan Patrika are as follows: 4 Cm Width X 5 Cm Height = 20 Square Cm, 10 Cm Width X 10 Cm Height = 100 Sq cm, 12 Cm Width X 20 Cm height =240 Square Cm (Quarter Page Ad in Rajasthan Patrika ), 25 Cm Width X 16 Cm height = 400 Square Cm ( Half Page ad in Rajasthan Patrika ).

If you are looking for recruitment ads in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper then Wednesday is good for getting Response and if it Property sale/purchase advertisements then we would suggest Saturday. Speak once to our team so we can guide you a better way at 9821984000.

What are Ad Rates In Rajasthan Patrika?

Cost Of Advertising In Rajasthan Patrika Newspapers

Cost Of Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper Advertisement depends on color, location, size, placement, edition.

Advertising rates vary from newspaper to newspaper depending on the size of the advertisement and the day it is placed. Cost is determined by the location, city where you want to publisjh your advertisement and size of the advertisement. Sunday is the best day for matrimonial ads. The cost of a Sunday matrimonial advertisement is higher and many newspapers publish special matrimonial supplements.

Newspaper advertising rates are quoted per square cm. The rate of discount on newspaper cards depends on the size of the ad, inserts and product category.

Rate of Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper Classified Advertisement in Rajasthan starts from Rs 2640 for 20 word, and display ad rate from start Rs 17934 black & white and color and for Front page Rs 39457.

Rate of Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper Classified Advertisement in Jaipur starts from Rs 949 for 20 word, and display ad rate from start Rs 4773 black & white and color and for Front page Rs 10474.

Rate of Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper Classified Advertisement in Madhya Pradesh starts from Rs 4390 for 20 word, and display ad rate from start Rs 14175 black & white and color and for Front page Rs 31090.

The option of placing your advertisement in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper will mean you pay less. At Riyoadvertising you will get more discount to publish your ad in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper. You can check above Rajasthan Patrika Ads Rate in detail.

Rajasthan Patrika - Public/Tender Notice Ad Rates Ad Rates for Madhya Pradesh is Rs 16305 with size of 8x5.

Rajasthan Patrika - Public/Tender Notice Ad Rates Ad Rates for Rajasthan is Rs 20624 with size of 8x5.

I would like to place Display Color ads in Rajasthan Patrika, kindly share the advertisement sizes options ?

Display Advertisement in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper

Display ads can be inspiring with their messages, graphics, videos and even your brand's logo to be noticed and draw the attention of reader. Incorporating Display advertisements makes it appear more professional and helps advertise your business. Display ads generally include text, images and logos, maps, graphs, and other items of information. In newspapers display ad, the advertisement is alongside news items. Display ads are used for branding, retail and tender, public announcements public notices, admissions to schools notices, etc. To fulfill personal or individual needs like marriage selling your car, selling your home or changing the name newspapers classified ads are best suitable. Display ads costs are typically dependent on the area they cover and are calculated the amount of sq.cm. If you opt for smaller-sized advertisements, the charges can be determined in sq.cm. Display advertisements can be placed in any size, including half page, full page or even quarter pages. For half, full and quarter-page ads, occasionally magazines offer fixed rates. To know more about how to book display ads in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper just give us call at 9821984000.

Rajasthan Patrika - Public/Tender Notice Ad Rates Ad Rates for Jaipur is Rs 5475 with size of 8x5.

Q: I want to do a Name change ad in Rajasthan Patrika. But The Procedure is very tiresome and difficult too. What services can Riyo advertising provide in this regard?

A: This is a general complaint from all those who want to do a name change. So, for us it’s not new. Riyo advertising has a separate work force just for the name change purpose. We advise and show you the entire procedure, after which you may want us to serve you. You may contact Riyo advertising trough phone or email, and will get the work started for you.

Q: I am from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Where and how do I place a Remembrance ad in Rajasthan Patrika, through Riyo advertising?

A: Riyo Advertising works with Rajasthan Patrika and all other leading newspapers across the country. You can send us your ad material on this same email id that you have mailed your question. Or you may even call Riyo Advertising on our customer care number to speak to our executive who will assist you and clear your doubts about the Remembrance ad.