The Times of India Classified Rate Card

Rates for Classified Recruitment Advertisement w.e.f. 1'st April, 2024

All The Ad Rates are in per Sq Cm.
Editions Min Line 5 Line Rate(Rs.) Extra Line Rate (Rs.) Classified Display Ad Rate(Rs.) Min size
Mumbai 5 3500 700 1250 3X5
Delhi 5 5000 1000 1400 3X5
Banglore 5 2350 588 880 3X5
Kolkata 5 2150 430 452 3X5
Ahemadabad 5 650 130 335 3X5
Chandigarh 5 600 120 210 3X5
Chennai 5 1200 240 600 3X5
Pune 5 1000 200 300 3X5
Goa 5 154 31 61 3X5
Guwahati 5 168 34 30 3X5
Patna-Bihar 5 525 105 230 3X5
Kolhapur 5 110 22 42 3X5
Hyderabad 5 500 100 250 3X5
Vishakhapatnam 5 100 20 50 3X5
Jaipur 5 340 85 135 3X5
Kanpur 5 280 56 80 3X5
Bhopal 5 350 70 110 3X5
Lucknow 5 960 192 650 3X5
Manglore 5 85 17 45 3X5
Coimbatore 5 425 85 170 3X5
Mysore 5 85 17 45 3X5
Nagpur 5 200 40 70 3X5
Trichy/ Madurai 5 250 50 40 3X5
Hubli 5 85 17 45 3X5
Aurangabad 5 100 20 20 3X5
Nasik 5 175 35 45 3X5
Note:The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

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