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Business Standard advertisement rates

Business Standard Display Advertisement rates in Mumbai start from ₹ 360 sqcm

Business Standard Display Advertisement rates in Delhi start from ₹ 355 sqcm

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Business Standard Display Ad Rate Card

Rates for Business Standard Display Advertisement w.e.f. 1st December, 2023

All The Ad Rates are in per Sq Cm.
Editions Min Size Base Rates (Rs.) Front Page Ad Rates (Rs.) (min 12X20) Back Page / Page 3 rate (Rs.)
B&W Color B&W Color Color
Mumbai 4X5 360 500 720 1000 675
Pune 4X5 100 140 200 280 189
Delhi 4X5 355 495 710 990 668
Lucknow 4X5 110 155 220 310 209
Chandigarh 4X5 110 155 220 310 209
Kolkata 4X5 195 275 390 550 371
Bhubaneswar 4X5 100 145 200 290 196
Ahemadabad 4X5 140 195 280 390 263
Chennai 4X5 70 100 140 200 135
Kochi 4X5 60 85 120 170 115
Benglure 4X5 145 205 290 410 277
Hyderabad 4X5 120 165 240 330 223
All Edition 4X5 1120 1565 2240 3130 2113
Note:The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.
Business Standard ad Rates for 2023

What is Business Standard Ad Rates?

Cost Of Business Standard News paper Advertisement depends on color, location, size, placement, edition.

Advertisement In Business Standard Newspaper is very easy , just fill the advertisement details in form or just call to our assistant at 67704000.

Business Standard Newspaper Advertisement Rates starts from 250 to 15 lakhs depend on your advertisement format and city you choose, also the placement in Business Standard newspaper like front page, Business Standard todays, and classified page.

Newspaper advertising rates are quoted per square cm. The rate of discount on newspaper cards depends on the size of the ad, inserts and product category.

The rates depends on placement in Business Standard Newspaper like Advertising in Business Standard on Front Page, Back Page or Page 3 have more cost than classified section.

The option of placing your advertisement in Business Standard Newspaper will mean you pay less. At Riyoadvertising you will get more discount to publish your ad in Business Standard Newspaper. You can check above Business Standard Ads Rate in detail.

So to check rates for Business Standard advertisement Click here

Business Standard Public Notice Ad Rate in Bhuvneshwar B&W Ad Rate rs. 100.

Business Standard Display Ad Rate in Kumta Front Page B&W Ad Rate rs. 300, Color Ad Rate rs. 375, AND Back Page Ad Rate B&W rs. 225, Color rs. 281, AND Inner Page Ad Rate B&W rs. 150, color ad rate rs. 188.

How to book online Advertisement in Business Standard Newspaper?

We are happy to help you. You can share your advertisement requirements with us by Email / WhatsApp and our Riyo Representative will give you a quote instantly, once you approve we will release the advertisement in The Goan Everyday newspapers.

For Appointment Ads, kindly share your content on our email id or WhatsApp 9821984000, we will share your sample first, once you approve we will release appointment ads in Time of India.

You will received softcopy by Email of your advertisement.

What are Ad Rates In Business Standard Newspaper?

Business Standard Display, Classified, Public Notice Ad rates.

  • Business Standard Public Notice Ad Rate in Bhuvneshwar B&W Ad Rate rs. 100.
  • Business Standard Display Ad Rate in Kumta Front Page B&W Ad Rate rs. 300, Color Ad Rate rs. 375, AND Back Page Ad Rate B&W rs. 225, Color rs. 281, AND Inner Page Ad Rate B&W rs. 150, color ad rate rs. 188.

I would like to place Display Color ads in Business Standard, kindly share the advertisement sizes options ?

There are lot of different sizes are available. The Minimum size for Display ads in Business Standard are as follows: 4 Cm Width X 5 Cm Height = 20 Square Cm, 10 Cm Width X 10 Cm Height = 100 Sq cm, 12 Cm Width X 20 Cm height =240 Square Cm (Quarter Page Ad in Business Standard), 25 Cm Width X 16 Cm height = 400 Square Cm ( Half Page ad in Business Standard).

Business Standard Ad Rates

Riyo Advertisers books advertisements for Business Standard. We accept Display, Appointment, Tender Notice, Public Notice, Obituary, Classified Display and all other types of advertisement. You can give or publish your ad in Business Standard through us.

Business Standard is an Indian English language daily newspaper published by Business Standard Ltd. It is printed in Hindi and English languages covering National and international business, financial news and such issues. Business Standard apart from giving news from across India and the world has its main focus on delivering news on Businesses like: Indian economy, finance, shares, commodities etc. Like its competitors Business standard too provides details, reviews and information about the Stock market trends. A good guide to financial Investments. Its panel of advisors consists of economists, professors in economics and individuals from the National Council of Applied Economic Research, and so on.

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The English language Business Standard has 12 edition from: Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, and Kochi and reaches over 1,000 towns and cities across India.

While the Hindi language Business Standard has eight editions from: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow, Bhopal, Chandigarh and Raipur. Business standard is India's second largest business daily.

Place your Business ads in a newspaper that provides in-depth coverage of the corporate sector, banking and finance, and stock market business. To Book your ads in Business standard call Riyo advertising. The Business Standard is an apt newspaper to place ads gain maximum returns. It is a newspaper with precise interest in Business activities. We at Riyo advertising have a tie up with all the leading English, Hind and regional newspapers.

Property ads in Business standard :Ads related to property find large exposure here to its Upper income clients. Builders and others related to the construction industry see it as a place to display their product too. Book Ads through Riyo advertising in the Business standard newspaper and avail the best rates.

Kindly speak with our assistant on 9821984000 for exact Discount available for Business Standard Newspaper.

How to Book Ads in Business Standard Newspaper:

Text Classified Ads in Business Standard Newspaper : –Text ads of small sizes (Classifieds) can be booked with easy text style and some part of the text can be highlighted with bold or capital letters.

Display Classified Ads in Business Standard Newspaper - These ads have better visual effects to attract readers. It can have logos or other visuals supported by the text lines which can be booked in black and white or colour.

How a display ad is different from other classified ads? A display ad is printed in more space like full, half or quarter page or as per requirement.

Display ads have better visual effect, and generate better response. A lot of creative work can be carried out in Display ads because of the uses of images, Colours and decorative fonts that are used.

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