"Tri Cycle Advertisement!"

An extremely eco-friendly medium of advertising, popular in both cities & towns, tricycle advertising equally favours both big and small brands by focusing towards targeted sections of public, to create utmost visibility for your brand. Regardless to say, this is also a highly economical medium that can move easily & conveniently from one place to another, reaching your target audience in a shorter span.

We use excellent quality materials for displaying your ads all over India, helping to create maximum results, which can be easily measured by calculating the leads from the areas of operation, at a bare minimum cost. The tricycles also come fully equipped with mp4 facilities maintaining top-notch audio & video quality of your advertisements. You can avail for multiple billboards to showcase different messages about your campaign as the frames on the cycles are easily changeable. You also have an option to choose between literary or non-literary ads depending on the requirement of your brand. The rates will vary accordingly.

The tricycles operate for approximately 7 hours a day creating a major impact on potential customers due to its eye-level exposure and close proximity to the slow-moving carrier. An additional benefit is that its novelty successfully grabs many eyeballs since people are not used to seeing cycles carrying billboards and their curiosity is hooked instantly generating highest possible recall rate. It’s simply impossible to miss it!

Tri Cycle Advertisement Rates for 2023