"Bus Stop advertising!"

Another powerful medium is the bus stop billboard where we place your advertisements on the bus stops across the busiest streets in the city. It offers extensive exposure to a wide range of population-local commuters, drivers, pedestrians and slow-moving vehicular traffic, thanks to the prevalent traffic jams in the metropolitan cities. Most people waiting at the bus stops have enough time to check out these ads in depth and grasp all its detailed content. This makes bus stop branding a highly effective medium of advertising suitable for large and small brands equally, and is most ideal for short-term promotional campaigns.

New technological developments have also made this platform a perfect fusion of the traditional and state-of-the-art. So whatever your style belongs to, whether old school or new age, this media form is an impressive fit. Cheers to that!

We at Riyo help your brand be seen on the bus stop billboard with a 24-hour clear visibility and readability. We carefully target areas that create the highest impact and maximum point of sale positions like shopping centres, supermarkets, schools, coastal regions, busy streets and upper community locations. They are available in two options-illuminated and non-illuminated billboards that you can choose as per the need & budget.

Bus Stop advertising Rates for 2023