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Introduction to Change of Name Ads

Changing your name is a big deal and is sometimes really necessary. This could be an official change, for example, due to marriage, court processes, or personal decisions. Publishing the information in a newspaper through a Change of Name ad is a process that must be followed to satisfy the legal requirements and so that the public gets the information.

Reasons for Change of Name

Many people change their names for a variety of reasons:

• Marriage: It's common for women to take their husband's surname after getting married.

• Divorce: After a divorce, some individuals revert to their maiden name or choose a new one.

• Cultural or Religious Reasons: : Names might be changed to reflect a religious conversion or to honor cultural traditions. Numerology or Astrology: Some believe that changing their name based on numerology or astrology can bring good fortune.

• Simplification: Complex or hard-to-pronounce names may be simplified for convenience.

• Spelling Correction: Correcting errors in the spelling of a name on official documents may necessitate a change.

• Identity Change: For personal safety, such as in witness protection, or to escape a dangerous situation, individuals might change their name.

• Gender Transition: Transgender individuals often change their name to better reflect their gender identity.

• Professional Reasons: Some people adopt a more marketable or professional-sounding name.

• Adoption:People might use change of name for those who have been adopted by a new family.

• Avoiding Discrimination: To avoid social or professional discrimination, people might change their name to one that is more socially acceptable or less indicative of a particular ethnic or social background.

• Personal Preference:Sometimes, people feel the urge to get a different name and want to change their name for their own satisfaction.

• Inheritance:To honour the memory of a loved one or to fulfil a condition of inheritance, a name change might be necessary.

• Legal Issues: To disassociate from a criminal past or to avoid confusion with someone else who has legal issues, a name change might be considered.

• Blending Families: In the case of blended families, members might choose a common surname to reflect their new family unit.

3-Step Change My Name Procedure

Step to step procedure for change of name's smooth process:

  • Affidavit for Name Change: Obtain and notarize an affidavit stating your intention to change your name.
  • Placing Advertisement:You need to publish and let people know about your change in the name. We help you publish this announcement in a widely circulated newspaper according to your preferences.
  • Gazette Notification: Submit your name change request for publication in the official government gazette for legal recognition.

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Our Services

We at Riyoadvertising specialize in making this process of name of change easier and smooth. We have twenty plus year of experiences in this field. Our great service assists you with

  • Expert consultation to guide you through the process.
  • After this, we help you with drafting the ad and formatting it properly.
  • Seeing your preferences and choosing perfect newspaper according to your goal for publication is the next step.

Why You Need a Change of Name Ad

    Publishing a Change of Name ad is often required by law and offers several important advantages:

  • Transparency: Making your new name part of the public record promotes openness.
  • Fraud Prevention: It helps prevent any fraudulent use of your old name.
  • Legal Compliance: Passport Office Approval for Two Newspapers (One National and One Local).

Steps to Book a Name Change Classified Ad in a Newspaper

Booking a name change ad is simple. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Choose a Newspaper: Widely read and distributed newspaper are always the best choice. Make sure you choose one of them to ensure your ad reaches right and wide audience.
  • Draft Your Ad: Write a clear and concise announcement about your name change.
  • Submit and Publish:: Send your ad to the chosen newspaper and confirm it gets published.
Name change ad for passport

Name Change Publication in Newspaper Examples

Here are some examples of name change publications for reference:

  • “I, [Old Name], have changed my name to [New Name].”
  • “Notice is hereby given that I, [Old Name], will be known as [New Name] from [Date].”

Frequently Asked Questions

The ad should include your old name, new name, reason for the change, and any relevant legal details. Here is a sample format: “I, [Old Name], have changed my name to [New Name] and will be known as such henceforth. All concerned are requested to take note.”

Yes, you typically need an affidavit for the name change, a photo ID, and any other legal documents supporting the name change.

The affidavit should include your current name, the new name, the reason for the change, and a declaration that you are making this change voluntarily.

While we strive for prompt service, publication in the next day’s edition depends on the newspaper's deadline and availability. It's best to contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Yes, we can provide you with copies of the newspaper in which your ad is published, either in physical or digital format.

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