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Rates for Wall Advertisement in Times Of India Newspaper in Delhi start from ₹ 4200 sqcm

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"Wall Advertisement!"

Wall branding is yet another impactful channel of outdoor advertisement, suitable for any brand wanting to reach the mass audience to generate uttermost brand awareness. This is the most popular platform of cost-effective advertisement with an eye-level visibility creating a great impact on the prospective consumers. You can easily build awareness and promote your products & services to produce keen interest in the public. Owing to its wide reach and exposure to large number of people, this initial interest plays an important role i n converting audience’s curiosity into leads later.

Here’s the wow factor. Just think how many commuters use public buses & trains daily and the picture popping in your own head is enough to blow your mind. Isn’t the number greater today than it was ever before? Now imagine all these people being exposed to your brand every day. It surely has a mammoth effect!

We at Riyo help your ads to be efficiently put up on the walls at places that produce maximum results like railway stations, bus stops, in and around the shops, market areas and other prime locations in the interiors of the city. We use perfect colour combinations for fonts & designs to produce highest possible impression on people. The layouts we provide are large, vibrant and easily noticeable leaving a much needed lasting impression on people’s minds. The walls are painted by our expert professionals who are vastly experienced to do the job with sheer perfection.

Purposes of Wall Advertisement

The primary purpose of wall advertisements is to endorse a product, service, or brand by generating a visually impactful display on a major structure, such as a building's exterior wall, bridge, or other high-traffic area. The ultimate goal is to enhance brand recognition, drive sales, and produce leads by attracting the attention of potential customers and leaving a lasting impression.

Wall advertisements can be used by businesses of varying dimensions to promote their products or services to a huge and varied audience, with city areas being particularly favorable due to their high foot and vehicle traffic. By generating a visually charming advertisement that stands out from its surroundings, businesses can grab the attention of passers-by and leave an enduring impact.

Furthermore, wall advertisements can be leveraged to foster brand recognition and endorse a company's image. Through the use of audacious graphics, lively colors, and convincing slogans or messaging, businesses can generate a characteristic and unforgettable advertisement that reproduces their brand and values. This can help distinguish the business from its competitors and found a powerful expressive connection with potential customers.

In spirit, the resolve of wall advertising is to create a conspicuous and impactful visual existence in a highly noticeable and heavily trafficked area. By charming the courtesy of potential customers and making a permanent impression, wall advertisements can support businesses in improving brand awareness, driving sales, and endorsing their goods or services to a varied and widespread audience.

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Ad Rates of Wall Advertisements

The ad rates for wall advertisements differ contingent on several factors, such as the size and location of the advertisement, the length of the campaign, and the demand for the specific wall space. In general, the charges for wall advertisements tend to be higher in more famous and high-traffic areas.

The size of the wall advertisement is a noteworthy factor in determining the ad rate, as bigger ads require more material and labor to install. Site is another important factor, as ads positioned in highly visible areas or in popular tourist destinations tend to command higher rates.

The length of the ad campaign also affects the rate, with longer campaigns generally offering lower rates than shorter ones. Moreover, demand for specific wall spaces can affect the fee, with highly sought-after locations having higher charges than less popular ones.

Some frequently asked questions related to Wall Advertisements

A wall advertisement is a kind of outdoor advertisement that is positioned on a building's exterior wall or other erections such as bridges. It is a large-format advertisement that is intended to attract the courtesy of a large and diverse audience.

Businesses must safeguard that their wall advertisement obeys with local laws and regulations regarding outdoor advertising and get all necessary permits and permissions before the ad is connected.

Wall advertisements can support businesses to surge brand awareness, drive sales, and produce leads by creating a strong visual impression in a highly visible and heavily trafficked area. They are predominantly effective in city areas where there is a high volume of foot and vehicle traffic.

The connection time for a wall advertisement can differ contingent on the size and intricacy of the advertisement. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to connect a wall advertisement.

Businesses must ensure that their wall advertisement obeys with local laws and regulations regarding outdoor advertising and gain all necessary permits and permissions before the ad is installed. We will guide you through this process and ensure that their wall advertisement is legally acquiescent.

For any enquiries or misgiving you can contact us directly on (+91) 9821454000 / (+91) 9821984000 / 67704000 or E-mail us on or you can send us call back request. We are happy to help you.

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