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Book Classified/Dispaly Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper At Low Rate

Matrimonial Display Ads In Times Of India Newspaper!

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Reach your target audience with impactful classified or display ads in The Times of India, India's leading newspaper.

The Times of India's matrimonial ads offer tailored packages such as "Soulmate", "National Selection" and "Vivah", catering to different preferences and regions in India. These packages offer cost-effective options to reach out to potential life partners.

The Times of India Matrimonial Ad Rate Card

Classified Text Rates (5 Line)
Classified Display Rates (Per
Soulmate Times Of India (All Editions) + Economic Times (All Editions) 10001 -
National Selection Times Of India (All Editions) 8500 2155
Vivah Times Of India (Mumbai + Bangalore + Chennai + Delhi + Gurgaon + Hyderabad + Pune + Kolkata + Visakhapatnam) + Navbharat Times(Delhi + NCR + Mumbai + Lucknow) + Ei Samay (Kolkata) 8200 2031
Life Partner Times Of India (Delhi + Chandigarh + Gurgaon + Mumbai + Bangalore + Kolkata + Chennai + Pune + Hyderabad + Visakhapatnam + Mysore + Mangalore + Hubli + Times Interact Chandigarh) 8100 2079
Kangan Times Of India (Delhi + Gurgaon + Uttarkhand + Lucknow + Kanpur + Chandigarh + MP + Jaipur + Mumbai) + Navbharat Times (Delhi + Gurgaon + Lucknow) 5100 1196
Phere Times Of India (Delhi + Gurgaon + Mumbai + Chandigarh + Jaipur + Kanpur + MP + Uttarkhand + Lucknow) 4990 1229
Jodi Times Of India (Delhi + Gurgaon + Mumbai)+ Navbharat Times (Delhi + Gurgaon + Mumbai ) 4790 1026
Shagun Times of India (Delhi + Gurgaon + Lucknow + Kanpur + Uttarkhand +Jaipur + Madhya Pradesh + Chandigarh) + Navbharat Times ( Delhi + Gurgaon + Lucknow ) 4500 1050
Elite Times Of India (Mumbai + Delhi + Gurgaon) 4500 1040
Sanyog Times Of India (Delhi + Gurgaon + Chandigarh + Jaipur + Uttarkhand + Kanpur + Lucknow + Madhya Pradesh) 4200 1208
Rishta Times of India (Delhi + Gurgaon + Uttarkhand) + Economic Times (Delhi) 4000 893
Delhi Baraat Times of India (Delhi+Gurgaon+Uttarakhand) + Economic Times (Delhi) + Navbharat Times (Delhi+NCR) 3900 757
Sanjog Times of India (Mumbai + Pune) + Maharashtra Times (All Editions) 3150 872
Manamalai Times Of India (Uttarakhand + Kolkata + Chennai + Coimbatore + Madurai/ Trichy + Bangalore + Mysore + Hyderabad + Visakhapatnam + Kerala) 3000 599
Milap English Times Of India (Pune + Mumbai) + Mirror Mumbai 2800 772
Milap Times Of India (Pune + Mumbai) + Maharastra Times (Pune + Mumbai) 2700 772
Mangalsutra Times of India (Bangalore + Chennai + Hyderabad + Kerala + Vishakapatanam + Mysore + Coimbatore + Hubli + Madurai + Mangalore ) 2500 735
Karnataka Special Times of India (Bangalore + Mangalore + Mysore + Hubli) 1200 210
Western Delight Times Of India (Mumbai + Pune + Ahmedabad) 2300 -
Bandhan Times of India (Mumbai + Pune + Nagpur + Nashik + Kolhapur + Aurangabad + Goa) 2300 740
Shubha Mangalya Times of India (Bangalore + Hubli + Mangalore + Mysore) + Vijaya Karnataka (All Editions) 2270 735
Subho Bibaho Times Of India + Ei Samay (Kolkata) 1250 -
Eastern Selection Combo Times of India (Kolkata + Patna + Guwahati + Bhubaneswar) + Ei Samay (Kolkata) 1300 362
Sindoor Times of India (Kolkata + Patna) + Eisamay (Kolkata) 1025 315
Lagan Times Of India (Ahmedabad) + Navgujrat Samay (Ahmedabad) 900 315
Subha Mugurtham Times Of India (Chennai + Coimbatore + Madurai / Trichy + Kerala) - SUBHA MUGURTHAM 750 231
Uttarakhand Special Times Of India (Dehradun + Bareilly) 175 63
Note:The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

A Few ad samples are displayed below

Matrimonialds in Times of India newspaper
Display classified matrimonial ads in Times of India  newspaper
Display classified matrimonial ads in Times of India newspaper

Riyo advertising agency accepts all types of advertisement for Matrimonial ads in Newspaper. Call us for Special packages & discounted ad rates on 022 6770 4000 / 022 67706500 / 9821984000 or email us on

Matrimonial Advertisements-Book Matrimonial Classified & Display Ads Newspaper

The Times of India newspaper offers various advertising discounts based on factors like the volume of ads placed, frequency, and the duration of the advertising campaign. Advertisers booking ads for multiple days or weeks may qualify for bulk or frequency discounts. Similarly, those opting for larger ad sizes or color ads may be eligible for discounts. Special rates are also available for specific categories such as education, recruitment, and real estate. Different discounts and package offers for the Times of India Newspaper are available. For precise information on the discounts applicable to the Times of India Newspaper, please contact our assistant at (+91)9821984000.

Discount on Times of India Advertising :

Times of India Advertisement Rate

Times of India Display, Classified, Public Notice Ad rates.

Advertisements stored in various versions across different cities are priced based on factors such as fonts, alternate fonts, and ad types, with a fixed cost structure. The minimum requirement for all versions is 5 characters. Let's delve into the specific fees for each city.

In Mumbai, a 5-character advertisement starts at Rs. 3500, and each new row incurs an additional charge of Rs. 700 for Toi ads. For a classified display ad with a minimum size of 3X5, the cost is approximately Rs. 1250.

Moving to Delhi, the costs are slightly higher, with a 5-line ad priced at Rs. 5000, and each additional line incurring Rs. 1000. The standard display advertisement in Delhi is Rs. 1400.

Bangalore provides a more affordable option, with 5-line ads starting from Rs. 2350 and an additional line costing Rs. 588. The displayed advertisement in Bangalore is Rs. 880.

In Kolkata, 5-line ads are priced at Rs. 2150, and each additional line costs Rs. 430. The displayed advertisement in Kolkata totals Rs. 452.

Similar pricing structures are observed in other cities like Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Pune, Goa, Guwahati, Patna-Bihar, Kolhapur, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur, Kanpur, Bhopal, Lucknow, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Mysore, etc. Advertisers can utilize this information to strategically plan their campaigns and select the most suitable channels for their stored ads in various versions.

Types of Times of India Advertisement

Toi Custom-Sized Ads

Are you searching for a way to make your advertisement stand out in the Times of India newspaper? Consider opting for custom-sized ads! These dynamic and visually appealing ads can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements and designed to fit any size or shape needed. Utilizing custom-sized ads in the Times of India allows you to effectively reach a vast audience and leave a lasting impression on readers. Whether it's a full-pager or a small display ad, custom-sized ads can be crafted to meet the precise needs and marketing goals of your business. For more information on how custom-sized ads can enhance the promotion of your products or services, reach out to the Times of India or a professional advertising agency.

Toi Quarter Page Ad

Consider the quarter-page ad as an optimal solution for your advertising needs. This cost-effective option ensures that your message reaches a wide audience while providing ample space to showcase all your products and services. The standard dimensions for these ads are 5.25 inches in width by 10.5 inches in height. Placement options include various sections of the newspaper, such as the front page, local news, sports, and entertainment. Harnessing the power of a quarter-page ad in the Times of India enables effective promotion of your brand, attracting potential clients to your business. To discover more about the benefits of a quarter-page ad and how it can contribute to the growth of your business, reach out to a professional advertising agency or contact the Times of India today.

Toi Half-Page Ad

The Half Page Ad in The Times Of India stands out as a popular advertising choice for businesses aiming to capture a larger audience with a more prominent visual impact. With dimensions measuring 19.5 cm x 25 cm, this ad format provides ample space for images and text to promote your brand, product, or service effectively. As one of India's widely circulated newspapers, The Times of India ensures businesses benefit from excellent reach and exposure. At, we offer competitive prices for booking Half Page Ads in the Times of India, along with customized design and placement options tailored to meet your specific advertising needs.

Toi Full Page Ad

A powerful marketing tool that can help your business reach a large audience is a full-page advertisement in the Times of India. The Times of India is one of India's largest newspapers, with over 3.3 million readers. A full-page advertisement gives you plenty of room to promote your product or service. A full-page advertisement in the Times of India can help you achieve your marketing objectives, whether you want to announce a sale, announce the launch of a new product, or establish your brand. At, we can assist you in acquiring a cost-effective full-page advertisement in the Times of India. Contact us right away to begin your advertising campaign!

There are lot of different sizes available. The Minimum size for Display ads in Times of India are as follows: 4 Cm Width X 5 Cm Height=20 Square Cm, 10 Cm Width X 10 Cm Height=100 Sq cm, 12 Cm Width X 20 Cm height=240 Square Cm (Quarter Page Ad in Times of India ), 25 Cm Width X 16 Cm height=400 Square Cm ( Half Page ad in Times of India ).

We are happy to help you. You can share your advertisement requirements with us by Email / WhatsApp and our Riyo Representative will give you a quote instantly, once you approve we will release the advertisement in your desired Newspaper Publication.

For Appointment Ads, kindly share your content on our email id or WhatsApp 9821984000, we will share your sample first, once you approve we will release appointment ads in Time of India.

You will receive softcopy by Email of your advertisement.

Riyo Advertising offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of booking an advertisement in the Times of India, right from the comfort of your home or office. Our expert team is also available to assist you in creating a seamless ad that aligns with your requirements and helps you accomplish your advertising goals. Whether you aim to promote your business, sell a product, or find the ideal candidate for a job, we can assist you in effortlessly and efficiently booking your advertisement in the Times of India newspaper.

The Times of India newspaper provides various advertising discounts based on factors such as the volume of ads placed, frequency, and duration of the advertising campaign. Advertisers who book ads for multiple days or weeks, for example, may qualify for a bulk or frequency discount. Similarly, those who book larger ad sizes or choose colour ads may be eligible for discounts. Special rates are also available for specific categories such as education, recruitment, and real estate.

There are diffrent discounts and offer on packages for Times of India Newspaper.

Kindly speak with our assistant on 9821984000 for exact Discount available for Times of India Newspaper.

If you are looking for recruitment ads in Times of India Newspaper then Wednesday is good for getting Response and if it Property sale/purchase advertisements then we would suggest Saturday. Speak once to our team so we can guide you a better way at (+91)9821984000.

Size and Ad Format of Newspaper advertising

This table shows you all the types of ads available in Newspaper.

Full Page Newspaper ad 1760
Half Page Newspaper ad 825
Quarter Page Newspaper ad 400
Sky Bus Newspaper ad 165
Jacket Newspaper ad 3520

Get Special packages & Discounted ad rates for: The Times of India Obituaries & Remembrance ads, The Times of India Matrimonial ads, Name change in the Times of India, Appointments in Times of India, Recruitment ads in Hindi, and Education ads in Times of India, Vehicle & Automobile ads in Times of India, Lost & found ads in Times of India, Property ads in Times of India, Times of India Public / Tender Notice ad rates.

Editions of Times of India newspaper

Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Pune, Goa, Guwahati, Patna Bihar, Kolhapur, Hyderbad, Vishakapatnam, Jaipur, Kanpur, Bhopal, Lucknow, Managalore, Coimbatore, Mysore, Nagpur, Trichy, Hubli, Aurangabad, Nashik.

Circulations of Times of India newspaper

According to the Indian Readership Survey 2012, it is 7.643 million Supplement of Times of India newspaper: Times Ascent, Education Times etc, Bombay Times, Times of India Epaper etc.

Display Ads offer greater creative freedom, with the option of images, logos and custom layouts. The ads can be strategically placed throughout the newspaper. Costs are based on size and location. The minimum size for prime placement on the first page is 4X5cm and the price starts at Rs9665. The base rate for ads on other pages is Rs6170.

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