Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper

Matrimonial Ads

Matrimonial ads are brief classified advertisements placed in newspapers by people looking for a suitable marriage partner.

You have to describe details about the person looking for a partner, such as age, education, occupation, religion, and caste.

Matrimonial ads are popular in India and other countries, and they are frequently published in a newspaper's classifieds section or a separate section.

Though there are so many online dating platform on internet Matrimonial ads in Newspaper are still popular way to find life partner trusted medium for finding suitable partner for marriage.

Why to book Matrimonial Ads?

Matrimonial ads are a traditional way of searching for a life partner.

They are commonly placed by individuals or families seeking a suitable match for marriage.

These advertisements are typically posted magazines, newspapers and online platforms.

Matrimonial ads typically contain basic information about the person or family seeking a match, including age, height, education, occupation, and caste/religion.

The advertisement includes desires partner’s characteristics such as age, education, occupation, family background and physical appearance.

From old times in India matrimonial ads have been used.

Traditionally, the bride's or groom's parents would post these ads in an effort to find a compatible partner for their child.

Matrimonial ads can be an effective way to reach a large audience and find potential matches.

They allow individuals or families to cast a wide net and receive responses from interested parties.

Online matrimonial platform have made is easy to find a match with filter their search on specific preferences.

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Details about Matrimonial Ads

Content of a Matrimonial Ad:
The various details that are typically included in a matrimonial advertisement, such as personal advertisement, background, preferences and expectations covers this sub topic.

The various factors that affect the cost of a matrimonial advertisement such as the size of the ad, in which newspaper the ad published, location where the ad published, and duration of ad.

Cost of a Matrimonial Ad:
Matrimonial advertisement rates depends on size of the ad, in which newspaper the ad published, location where the ad published, and duration of ad.

Responses to a Matrimonial Ad:
The various ways in which individuals can respond to a matrimonial advertisement, such as through phone calls, emails, or letters, and the process of selecting a suitable match covers this subtopic.

Cultural significance of Matrimonial Ad:
The cultural and social significances of matrimonial advertisements in different parts of the world, and how they reflect the values, traditions, and beliefs of different communities covers this sub topic.

Ethical Concerns:
For protection of data lots of privacy concern related to matrimonial ads , such as verification of personal information, need to confirm personal data, safeguard sensitive data, and prevent discriminatory acts.

Advantages Of Placing Matrimonial Ads:
  • Wide Reach:

    Matrimonial ads in newspapers is very suitable way to find a suitable partner, as newspaper are read by vast majority of people, who are interested in matrimony, so it is easy for user to find a suitable partner.

  • Cost-Effective:

    Placing a matrimonial ad in a newspaper is generally more affordable than other forms of advertising or using a matchmaking service and online dating paltform.

  • Trustworthiness:

    Matrimonial ads in newspapers are viewed as a trustworthy source of information, as they are published in a reputable and widely read medium.

  • Personal Touch:

    Matrimonial ads allow individuals to present themselves in a more authentic and genuine way, providing a personal touch that is often missing in online platforms.

Furthermore, placing a matrimonial ad in a newspaper is a simple and straightforward process.

You can publish your matrimonial ad in variety of format classified ads, classified display ads, and display ads. These formats allow for size and placement flexibility, which aids in targeting the right audience and obtaining a higher response rate.

You aslo select perticular city ,region , comunity where you want to display your ad.This allows you to reach a more targeted audience, more readers and increases your chances of finding a life partner.

Times of India Epaper

What is Matrimonial Advertisement Rate in Newspaper?

If you are thinking to advertise in Newspaper, a most widely circulated newspaper in India, you probably want to know the rates of Times of India Newspapers advertising.

The price of a Times of India newspaper advertisement is determined by several factors, including colour, location, size, placement, and edition. We'll go over the rates and give you an idea of what to expect when advertising in Newspaper in this article. Times of India Newspaper Advertisement Rates starts from 250 to 15 lakhs depend on your advertisement format and city you choose.

Newspaper's advertisement formats include classified ads, display ads, and advertorials. Classified ads are text-based advertisements that appear in the classified section of a newspaper. Display ads are image based advertisements which can appear on Newspaper. Advertorials are paid advertisements that are disguised as editorial content.

You can check rates for Times of India advertisement Click here

Newspaper provides a variety of advertising options, with rates varying depending on a number of factors. Advertisers can choose between black and white and colour ads, with the cost influenced by size and placement. Front and back page prime locations, as well as page 3, are more expensive than the classified section.

In addition, the cost varies per newspaper edition, with the Mumbai edition, for instance, costing more than the Delhi edition..

Understanding these factors can assist advertisers in budgeting and making informed decisions when placing advertisements in Newspaper.

Rate of Times Of India Newspaper Classified Advertisement in Mumbai starts from Rs 3500 for 5 line, and Classified Display Ad rate from start Rs 1250 , and Display Ad for Front Page start from Rs.9665, Base Rate is Rs 5640.

Rate of Times Of India Newspaper Classified Advertisement in Delhi starts from Rs 5000 for 5 line, and Classified Display Ad rate from start Rs 1400 , and Display Ad for Front Page start from Rs.6335, Base Rate is Rs 4120.

Newspaper Display Ad Rates in Mumbai for Front Page is Rs. 9665.

Newspaper Display Ad Rates in Mumbai for Back Pageis Rs. 7230.

How to book online Matrimonial Classified Ads in Newspaper?

We are happy to help you. You can share your advertisement requirements with us by Email / WhatsApp and our Riyo Representative will give you a quote instantly, once you approve we will release the advertisement in Times of India newspapers.

For Appointment Ads, kindly share your content on our email id or WhatsApp 9821984000, we will share your sample first, once you approve we will release appointment ads in Time of India.

By following these steps you can book a matrimonial classified ad in Newspaper easily :

  • Visit Newspaper's official website
  • On home page select category Matrimonial.
  • Choose the location and subcategory that fits your requirements.
  • Select the type of ad you want to place - text or display.
  • Our assistance will help you to choose your budget and requirements.
  • Create your ad by filling in the necessary details such as age, height, profession, and partner preferences.
  • Preview the ad and make any necessary changes.
  • Provide your contact details for interested parties to reach you.
  • Make the payment through the available options provided by Newspaper.
  • After the payment is confirmed, your ad will be published on the chosen dates.

Overall, booking a matrimonial classified ad in Newspaper online is a quick and hassle-free process. Make sure to follow the guidelines and provide all the necessary details for a successful ad.

What Discount is giving for Matrimonial Ads in Times of India Newspaper?

Newspaper provides various advertising discounts based on factors such as the volume of ads placed, frequency, and duration of the advertising campaign. Advertisers who book ads for multiple days or weeks, for example, may qualify for a bulk or frequency discount. Similarly, those who book larger ad sizes or choose colour ads may be eligible for discounts.

There are diffrent discounts and offer on packages for Times of India Newspaper.

Kindly speak with our assistant on 9821984000 for exact Discount available for Times of India Newspaper.

How To Write Cost-Effective Matrimony Classified Ads In Newspapers?

It's important to give careful thought to the ad's format and content when writing a cost-effective marriage classified ad for Newspaper.

It is important to add all details in advertisement to get good result of ad including all the necessary details such as the name, age, height, education, occupation, and family background of the person seeking a partner.

You can use simple and clear language to understand the concept advertisement avoiding unnecessary jargon

You can highlight any unique qualities or characteristics that set a person apart from others, and that concept attract user to the ad who are interested in Groom or Bride.

You may create a fascinating matrimonial classified ad that effectively markets the individual looking for a companion and draws the interest of possible matches while remaining cost-effective and budget-friendly by adhering to these few recommendations.

Why Book Matrimonial Classified Ads in Newspaper at

Matrimonial Classified Advertisement

If you want to advertise in one of India's most trusted and widely read newspapers, Newspaper, owned by The Times Group, is the best option.

When you book a classified ad in Newspaper through, your print classified ad benefits from the prestigious publication house's brand value.

You can book ads in a variety of categories, including matrimonial, real estate, recruitment, education, and others.

The Advantages of Classified Advertising

By placing your ad on, you will have the opportunity to showcase your brand to readers from various demographics. Classified advertising on The Times Group website has a wide reach and attracts a lot of attention from target audiences across the country.'s classified advertising is a cost-effective and targeted way to reach your target audience. It provides the following advantages:

1. Broad Reach: Newspaper's massive circulation provides advertisers with a broad reach, making it an excellent choice.

2. Segmented Approach: Advertisers can target their audience by selecting the appropriate category for their ad on the classified ad booking platform at

3. Affordability: Advertising in Newspaper is both affordable and cost-effective. It is great way to reach wide audience by without spending more money.

4. Wide Readership: Newspaper is widely read by people of all ages, making it an ideal platform for advertising your brand.

5. Trust and Credibility: Newspaper is one of the most trustworthy newspapers in print, and booking a classified ad in this newspaper through lends a lot of credibility to your brand.

People looking for a life companion frequently choose to place matrimonial classified ads in Newspaper. Newspapers readers are bigger than other paper. It is famous English newspaper in India. You can reach a sizable and varied audience, including people from many states, ethnicities, and communities, by placing a matrimonial ad in this newspaper. To meet your demands, Newspaper also provides a range of ad styles, including text ads, classified display ads, and display ads. The newspaper also features a separate marital section that makes it simpler for readers to look for compatible mates.

Some Frequently asked question related to publishing Matrimonial Ads:

Q : In a newspaper who can place a matrimonial ad ?

A : A matrimonial ad can be placed by individuals or their families who are seeking a suitable match for marriage, typically. On behalf of an unmarried son, daughter, or relative the ad can be placed.

Q : In a matrimonial ad what information is included ?

A : Details such as the individual’s age, education, occupation, height, religion and other personal information a matrimonial ad typically includes. Preferences for the desired partner and expectations for the marriage the ad may also include.

Q : To place a matrimonial ad in a newspaper how much does it cost ?

A : Depending on the size of the ad, the newspaper it is placed in, and the duration for which it will be published the cost of a matrimonial ad can vary. Matrimonial ads can be more expensive than other types of classified ads, in general.

Q : To place a matrimonial ad how can individuals respond ?

A : By contacting the person or family who placed the ad, typically through phone calls, emails, or letters individuals can respond to a matrimonial ad. Additional steps, such as exchanging photographs and personal information, and conducting background checks the process of selecting a suitable match can involve.

Q : In a newspaper what are the benefits of placing a matrimonial ad ?

A : For marriage through a traditional and personal approach, as opposed to online dating websites or apps placing a matrimonial ad in a newspaper allows individuals to find a suitable match. It can attract potential matches who may not have otherwise known about the individual’s availability for marriage and also serves as a public announcement of the individual’s intentions to get married.

Q : Related to matrimonial ads are there any ethical or privacy concerns ?

A : There can be ethical and ethical and privacy concerns related to matrimonial advertisements, such as the verification of personal information, the protection of sensitive information, and the avoidance of discriminatory practices, yes. When placing or responding to a matrimonial ad, it is important for individuals to be cautious and protect their privacy.

Q : If I have more questions about publishing matrimonial advertisement in Newspaper where should I contact ?

A : You can call us any time on (+91) 9821454000 / (+91) 9821984000 or E-mail us on or you can request a call back.