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Rates forService Advertisementsin Times Of India Newspaper in Delhi start from ₹ 4200 sqcm

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"Service Advertisements"

This section in Newspapers is for various kinds of services that are offered by individuals and companies. In service ads section in newspapers, you can post a Classified advertisement for:

  • Electronic Services:
    For people who are into repairing, Buying and selling of new or old electronic goods. Advertising in this section helps increase their clientele, and thereby increase in revenue.
  • Florist Services :
    This is specialised service offering home delivery of bouquets on orders. One can even drop in and hand purchase the bouquets. It is much cheaper as well.
  • Gym equipment:
    This is place to look for buying new or refurbished Gym equipments or others related to exercises. It comes at an affordable rate and have different kinds of fancy and trendy equipments to choose from.
  • Interior Decorator:
    For companies and individuals who are into the profession of interior decoration this place is a perfect place to advertise their product. They can advertise their services here in this section and increase their clientele. Small and medium level entrepreneurs benefit on a good scale as there are few who provide interior decoration services to middle classes.
  • Housekeeping services:
    Housekeeping services is now a well organised sector growing in business. The services offered here vary from cleaning of rooms, hotels and even taking care of the laundry services.
  • Old age homes :
    These are places where old people are cared and even tread for. It is a service to humanity and is often full and running short of place. Most old age homes operate on funds collected as donations from well wishers.
  • Pest control:
    This is a growing business and a very useful modern necessity, as we see an increasing number in pests due to unclean surroundings. Today, we have even herbal pest control products available which does not cause respiratory related problem etc.
  • Packers & Movers Advertisement:
    This is a service that come handy when one has to do a house shifting, or may be transporting goods just once in a while.
  • Repairs & Waterproofing:
    It is only during the rains that one starts realising about the leakages in the ceiling and walls. However, help is ready! we just need to look into the newspaper to find one. Most are affordable and reasonably priced service providers.
  • Vastu consultants:
    Vastu consultants are ones who provide advice regarding an auspicious setting, like a house facing the north or south etc, or the location itself while looking for a property or a house. These are specialised services offered towards wellbeing and prosperity etc. We at Riyo Advertising will make it easy for you. Depend on us for all your service ads; do contact us on phone or email, and we will be glad to assist you.
  • Guidelines for Medical Services Advertising to be published in Newspaper :

    We do not take to print the following ads:
    Ads recommending drugs for treatment and guaranteeing cure, Definite treatment words like '100% guaranteed results, magical recovery or solving problems, (chhutkara payen, chamatkar pucca ilaz) The ad of penillure, Medicinal ads depicting objectionable pictures, ads recommending medicine for promoting sexual impotency and with words like Zordar Sakhti, Turant ilaz, baldness will be cured in only X no. of days.

    We also refuse ads with words / sentences that are derogatory or indecent.

    Riyo advertising agency accepts all types of advertisement for Service Advertisements in Newspaper. Call us for Special packages & discounted ad rates on 022 6770 4000 / 022 67706500 / 9821984000 or email us on

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