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Gujrat Samachar - Obituary Ad Rates

Rates for Obituary Advertisement w.e.f. 1st June, 2016

All The Ad Rates are in Per C.C

Editions Min Size Color Ad Rates Black & White Ad Rates Upto 10 CC Rates (B&W Ad Rates)
Mumbai 1X5 2100 1800 750
Surat 1X5 1200 1020 170
Baroda 1X5 1200 1020 75
Ahemadabad 1X5 3000 2400 450
Bhuj 1X5 240 180 40
Bhavnagar 1X5 390 360 -
Rajkot 1X5 870 720 90
obituary ads

Gujrat Samachar - Display Ad Rates

Rates for Display Advertisement w.e.f. 1st June, 2016

All The Ad Rates are in per coloumn.cm

Editions Min Size Color Rates Black & White Rates Front Page Color Ad Rates Front Page B/W Ad Rates Back Page Color Ad Rates Back Page B/W Ad Rates Page 3 Color Ad Rates Page 3 B/W Ad Rates Page 5 Color Ad Rates
Mumbai 1X5 2100 1800 4200 3600 3150 2700 2625 3000 2070
Surat 1X5 1200 1020 2400 2040 1800 1530 1500 1275 1035
Baroda 1X5 1200 1020 2400 1800 1500 1035
Ahemadabad 1X5 3000 2400 6000 4800 4500 3600 3750 3000 2760
Bhuj 1X5 240 180 480 360 360 270 300 225 260
Bhavnagar 1X5 390 360 780 720 585 540 487 450 414
Rajkot 1X5 870 720 1740 1440 1305 1080 1088 900 765
Display Ads

Gujrat Samachar - Appointment Ad Rates

Rates for appointment Advertisement w.e.f. 1st June, 2016

All The Ad Rates are in per sq.cm

Editions Min Size B&W Ad Rates (Rs.) Color Ad Rates (Rs.)
Mumbai 1*5 2100 1800
Surat 1*5 1200 1020
Baroda 1*5 1200 1020
Ahemadabad 1*5 3000 2400
Bhuj 1*5 240 180
Bhavnagr 1*5 390 360
Rajkot 1*5 870 720
Appointment Ads

Gujarat Samachar - Download Ad Rates

Rates for Gujarat Samachar 2014-2015

All The Ad Rates are in per sq.cm

Gujarat Samachar Ad Rates

Gujarat Samachar was founded in 1932. It is a leading Gujarati language daily newspaper from the state of Gujarat, India. It has the highest readership in the state of Gujarat with a readership of 4.5 million and is based in Ahmadabad. Its editions are from: Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Mumbai, Mehsana, Bhuj and New York. For Business ventures, or be it employment, the classified sections in Gujarat Samachar is the place to find job opportunities and ads .Advertise through Riyo advertising for compatible and unmatched rate…and much more.

Get Special packages & discounted ad rates for Gujarat Samachar through Riyo Advertising:

  • Gujrat Samachar Classified Lineage / Display
  • Gujrat Samachar ‘Display ads
  • Gujrat Samachar P3 / P7 / P5 ads
  • Gujrat Samachar Front & back Page ads
  • Gujrat Samachar Quarter Page ads / Half Page ads / Full page ads etc.

How to book Ads in Gujarat Samachar newspaper

Riyo advertising accepts all types of advertisement for Gujarat Samachar Newspaper. Call us for Special packages & discounted ad rates on 022- 6770 4000 / 022- 67706500 / 9821254000 or email us on info@riyoadvertising.com . Book Text Classified ads in Gujarat Samachar newspaper, Display Classified ads in Gujarat Samachar newspaper through Riyo advertising agency.

Gujarat Samachar Obituary ads:

Book/place your classified ads regarding a recent death. Make the obituary ad, put up the photo ad of the deceased person etc. We have the choice to ad designs and ad types for you to choose from.

Gujarat Samachar remembrance ads:

It’s the time of the year to remember! Place your Remembrance Day ad with Gujarat Samachar through Riyo advertising.

The Gujarat Samachar Matrimonial ads:

Place your matrimony ads in newspapers attract the maximum responses. Place your matrimony ads in this section of Gujarat Samachar for best prospects. Advertise and find your match through Riyo advertising.

Name change in Gujarat Samachar:

Looking for an agency to have your change document made? Want to change your name on your most useful document like a passport or a driving license etc? Well, we are Riyo advertising! There’s none like us!

Gujarat Samachar Tender Notice ads:

Tenders & Notices need a widespread newspaper to reach out to the maximum intended people/skill providers. Book your ads through Riyo advertising and get the best offers.

Appointments in Gujarat Samachar:

In the Appoint sections of the Gujarat Samachar, place your ads for the vacant positions. Get the best talents for your organization, only through newspaper advertisements.

You can also place your Recruitment ads in Gujarat Samachar, Education ads in Gujarat Samachar, Vehicle & Automobile ads in Gujarat Samachar, Lost & found ads in Gujarat Samachar, Property ads in Gujarat Samachar:

Why Riyo Advertising?


  • We help you be seen and be sought!
  • We are a decade old into this business, we know how it works.
  • We work with all the leading newspapers and magazines across India.
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  • We have Flexible payment options, online & offline.
  • We accept Payment by Credit/Debit Cards & Net Banking, Demand Draft, Cheque , Cash etc. (All Indian Banks)

Frequently Asked Question In Gujarat Samachar Newspaper

Q: I would like to release the change of name advertisement in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper, can you please guide me the process and procedure to book name change ads in Gujarat Samachar newspaper ?

A:To Book Change of Name ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper, the process are very simple. You Just have to Email us the Affidavit / Gazette Photocopy to us. Our Customer care team will share you the ad copy to be publish and guide to the very economical cost. once you approve the ad copy, we will release the ad in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper.

Q: I would like to Book Classified Lineage ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper about my Business, can you please guide me the charges for Classified ads ?

A:To Book Classified ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper, you just have to provide the raw advertise content by Email / WhatsApp. The Rates for Classified ads in Gujarat Samachar are very economical. Your Advertisement will be release in less then Rs 1500/- per day insertion. We request you to share the ad copy, rest we have experienced customer care team will guide in simple and easy way to get your job done.

Q: I want office assistant at my office, kindly guide me how to book Recruitment ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper ?

A: Recruitment Classifieds ads published every Wednesday in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper, as Gujarat Samachar is the widely circulated newspaper in India, it has a wide reach of readers & has given a very good mileage to the Advertisers. Your Vacancy advertisement requirement would be full filled easily.

Q: I would like to Book Property ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper, what are the charges and process to release Color Ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper ?

A: Usually Property Advertisement publishes everyday in Gujarat Samachar, But it is advisable to release Property Buy / Sale ads on Saturday and Sunday, as Major Property related Advertiser publishes their ads in color and black n white. The Charges are Mentioned above in Rate card, it vary from advertisement sizes to sizes and advertisement content.

Q: How to Book Obituary Ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper ?

A: Obituary ads publishes daily in Gujarat Samachar. To Release Obituary ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper, kindly share Photo of deceased person, with the content to be released. We will share you Artwork with costing and process. Gujarat Samachar has Special Discounted Rates for Obituary ads, it is advisable you to speak once with our customer care team and avail those offers.

Q: How to Process "Thanks Giving" Ad in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper ?

A: We have lot of Ready made ad samples for Thanks giving Ads on our Website. Gujarat Samachar publishes Thanks giving ads with discounted / Economical rates. To get publish ad feel free to contact us.

Q: How to Book Public Notice Ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper?

A: Public notice ads are of many types, weather its Legal, Share Certificate lost, Property related ads. Gujarat Samachar has kept separate rate for Public Notice Advertisements. Kindly share us the advertisement content, we will give you better rates with designs.

Q: I would like to place Display Color ads in Gujarat Samachar, kindly share the advertisement sizes options ?

A: There are lot of different sizes are available. The Minimum size for Display ads in Gujarat Samachar are as follows: 4 Cm Width X 5 Cm Height = 20 Square Cm, 10 Cm Width X 10 Cm Height = 100 Sq cm, 12 Cm Width X 20 Cm height =240 Square Cm (Quarter Page Ad in Gujarat Samachar ), 25 Cm Width X 16 Cm height = 400 Square Cm ( Half Page ad in Gujarat Samachar ).

Q: What are the Front Page Ad Size Option are Available in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper ?

A: There are 2 Size Option are available for Front Page Ads in Gujarat Samachar. 1) 12 Cm Width X 20 Cm height =240 Square Cm Ads in Gujarat Samachar. 2) 16 Width X 25 Cm Height = 200 Square Cm. Ads in Gujarat Samachar. 3) Full Front Page Ad, Size: 32.9 Width X 32.5 Height Ads in Gujarat Samachar.

Q: When is the Matrimonial ads getting publish in Gujarat Samachar ?

A: Matrimonial ads getting publishes on every Sunday in Gujarat Samachar.

Q: When is the Global Jobs or Overseas Appointment Supplement publishes in Gujarat Samachar ?

A: Global Jobs or Overseas Appointment Ads getting publishes on every Wednesday / Sunday in Appointment Sections in Gujarat Samachar.

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