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Urdu Times Classified Ad Rate Card
Rates for Urdu Times Classified Advertisement w.e.f. 1st Dec, 2018
All The Ad Rates are in per Sq Cm.
Editions Min words 20 words Ad Rates (Rs.) Extra per word Ad Rates (Rs.) Classified Display Ad Rates (Rs.)
Mumbai 20 300 20 20
Note:The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.
Advertising Agency for all Leading Newspapers & Magazines for all Over India & Abroad
Urdutimes ad Rates for 2018-19

Urdu Times Ad Rates

The Urdu Times newspaper which began its publication in 1960, was established by Late Mohd. Nazeer.It is located in Mumbai. The Urdu Times is committed to addressing important issues concerning Muslim community in India and the world. It is an Idea driven publication. It organizes and reports on debates and developments etc. thus providing the readers/public with informative analyses of the current events. The Urdu Times is also available in the U.S and U.K. It has a weekly magazine by the same name and one can look up for Job vacancies in it which is printed in English language too.
Newspaper advertising is undoubtedly is the fastest forms of advertising. India being a multi lingual country, it’s not just English and Hindi language newspapers alone that matters but even other language newspapers. Ads in newspapers can be created and run in matter of hours. Newspaper ads can be placed on with extremely short deadlines. Hence it is the most chosen among other forms of advertisements. To get ad benefits, rates and offers in Urdu Times newspaper, you can rely on Riyo advertising. Get Special packages & discounted ad rates for Urdu Times Newspaper.

book newspaper ads in urdu times
Book Text Classified Ads in Urdu Times Newspaper / Book Display Classified Ads in Urdu Times Newspaper. Choose Riyo Advertising! Call Riyo Advertising for Special packages & discounted ad rates. Contact our customer care team on 0226770 4000 / 67706500 / 9821984000 or email us on

Urdu Times Newspaper Ad Rates:

Riyo Advertising works with all the leading newspapers and magazines across India. Riyo Advertising accepts ads in all Categories like: Vehicle & Automobile ads in Urdu Times, Lost & found ads in Urdu Times ,Property ads in Urdu Times, Tender Notice ads in Urdu Times, Education ads in Urdu Times, Name change in Urdu Times, Matrimonial ads in Urdu Times, Remembrance ads in Urdu Times , Obituary ads in Urdu Times .
How does Newspaper advertisements benefit as compared to other mediums, like electronic medium? This is on the minds of everyone who are looking to place an ad. Well, read on! Newspapers are the highest medium to communicate across to masses because it is available at various locations and for a minimum price. Hence newspaper advertising has huge benefits. Today, newspapers are accessed and read by almost everyone, not just professionals but even others. You don’t need electricity to get a newspaper and read it. A survey conducted says, Forty percent of people find newspapers trustworthy or believable.

Book Ads in Urdu Times Newspaper :

Text Classified Ads in Urdu Times Newspaper –Text ads of small sizes (Classifieds) can be booked with easy text style and some part of the text can be highlighted with bold or capital letters. Display Classified Ads in Urdu Times Newspaper
- These ads have better visual effects to attract readers. It can have logos or other visuals supported by the text lines which can be booked in black and white or colour.
How a display ad is different from other classified ads? A display ad is printed in more space like full, half or quarter page or as per requirement.
Display ads have better visual effect, and generate better response.
A lot of creative work can be carried out in Display ads because of the uses of images, Colours and decorative fonts that are used.

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