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We Book Classified / Display Obituary Ads in Following Categories
  • Death Announcement Ads
  • Sad Demise Ads
  • Marka Ads
  • Months Mind Ads
  • Death Anniversary ads
  • Remembrance Ads
  • Birthday Remembrances Ads

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Times Of India Classified Display Obituary Rate Card

Rates for Obituary Advertisement w.e.f. 1st Dec, 2018

All The Ad Rates are in per

Editions Classified Display Ad Rates (Min Size 3X5) Remembrance Ad Rates with Photo Double Coloumn display ad rates
      B&W Color
Mumbai 325 5500 990 990
Delhi 350 5600 830 830
Banglore 425 4500 625 625
Kolkata* 2150 1000 430 452
Ahemadabad 185 1500 215 215
Chandigarh B&W 50 500 74 95
Chennai 490 1800 520 520
Pune 180 1000 390 390
Goa 250 29 58
Guwahati - 150 40 40
Bihar 105 650 118 125
Kolhapur - 100 48 48
Hyderabad 100 1000 110 110
Vishakhapatnam - 100 - -
Jaipur 95 600 67 115
Kanpur 75 100 35 53
Bhopal 50 300 23 23
Lucknow 100 800 290 290
Manglore 20 200 35 35
Coimbatore 90 300 58 58
Mysore 20 200 35 35
Nagpur 20 350 69 95
Trichy 30 150 58 58
Hubli 20 100 - -
Aurangabad 12 150 35 35
Nasik 35 200 70 70

Note : The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

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The Times Of India Obituary Ad Rates

Book Your Death announce ads, Months mind ads, Chautha Uthama ads, Death Anniversary, Bhog ceremony, Marka Ads, Condolence ads, Prayer Meeting, Sad Demise ads, Remembrance ads etc in

Times of India obituary ads

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Obituary ads are paid ads used To inform on the death of a loved one. The Obituary ads are published by personal or corporate, In corporates the obituary ads are published where the demised is of a very important personage of the organization. Obituary advertisement basically informs the details like date, time and venue of cremation/burial, chautha / uthala / funeral services. The times of india newspaper is one of the most preferred newspaper for Obituary ads.

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Obituary Advertisements in Times of India

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Times of India Obituary Ad rates

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Frequently Asked Question In Times of India Obituary Ads Newspaper

Q: 1 Hello my name is Mrs Sayali Goswami. Please could you guide me with the types of Obituary Ads ?

Mrs Sayali Goswami basically there are three ways of posting an Ad. Firstly there are Classified Text Ads, they are the charged depending upon the number of lines or words. Classified Display Ads provide images, design elements and text in decorative fonts. They are calculated depending upon the square centimeter. Display Ads are elaborate, highly enhanced and carefully designed. They too are charged per square centimetre. For a detailed explaination kindly Contact Mr Rajesh Bhanushali 9821454000.

Q:2 My Name is Mr Vijay Nair. I would like to know the payment options available with your organisation ?

Mr Vijay Nair apart from traditional walk in payments can also be made through :

  • 1.Payment via Credit Card \Debit Card.
  • 2. Payment via Net Banking / IMPS.
  • 3.Bank Details – Cheque /DD.
For a detailed explaination kindly Contact Mr Rajesh Bhanushali 9821454000.

Q:3 Hi my name is Minal. Could you tell me the types of Obituary Ads ?

The types of Obituary Ads are as under :

  • 1. Death Announcement Ads
  • 2. Death Anniversary Ads
  • 3. Condolences Ads
  • 4. Bhog Ceremony Ads
  • 5. Sad Demise Ads
  • 6. Tributes ads
  • 7. Chautha-Uthamna Ads
  • 8. Marka Ads
  • 9. Prayer Meeting ( Obituary ) Ads
  • 10. Months Mind Ads
  • 11. Remembrance Ads

Q:4 Hello my name is Mr Ninad Kamath. I intend to post an Obituary Ad in TOI Newspaper for my late father ? Please could you tell me the documents required for posting the same ?

A: Mr Ninad Kamath, the required documents for posting an Obituary Ad in Newspaper is the Death Certificate issued by the competent authority of the deceased person, scanned photocopy of the deceased & the text matter that needs to be published. For a detailed explaination kindly Contact Mr Rajesh Bhanushali 9821454000.

Q:5 I would introduce myself as Miss Mira Dua. I would like to tell you that we do not have a Death Certificate for the purpose of posting a Death announcement Ad of my late grandmother. Is there any other alternative for the same ?

Miss Mira Dua Death Certificate is one of the documents from the Competent Authority, required for posting an Obituary Ad. But if the same is not there, a Doctors Certificate would also be a good alternative. For any further clarifications kindly Contact Mr Rajesh Bhanushali 9821454000.

Q:6 Hiee my name is Mrs Sunita Raheja. I intend to post a Marka Ad in Hindustan Times for my late father – in law dated 12.10.2017. Could you guide me the process ?

Mrs Sunita Rahejaji we do publish Marka Ads in Hindustan Times Newspaper. You need to be providing a Death Certificate of your father- in –law, a scanned photocopy & the text matter you require to get published. We provide a timely & prompt service so as to the Ad to appear on the desired Date. For further queries kindly visit our website.

Q:7 My name is Mrs Disha Shah. I intend to give a remembrance Ad of my late husband in any Gujarati daily. Please could you guide me on the procedure of the same ?

Mrs Disha Shah, you need to be providing certain documents for publishing a Remembrance Ad. The documents include the death certificate of your late husband, Scanned copy of your late husband & the text matter you expect to get published. Since you prefer a Gujarati daily, we would recommend you Gujarat Samachar with a circulation of 4.6 million. For an indepth analysis Contact Mr Rajesh Bhanushali 9821454000 .

Q:8 I would like to introduce myself as Miss Nita Jadhav. I intend to post a Tribute Ad to one of my family relative who happens to be my late brother – in –law. Kindly guide any Marathi Newspaper for the same ?

Miss Nita Jadhav you need to provide either a Death Certificate / Doctors Certificate & the text matter you intend to publish. Since you prefer a Marathi Newspaper, we would recommend you Maharashtra Times with a circulation of 1 million daily. For further assistance kindly Contact Mr Rajesh Bhanushali 9821454000 .

Q:9 My name is Mrs Trisha Iyer. I intend to place a Condolence Ad of my late mother – in -law in any leading Malayalam Newspaper. Kindly guide on the same ?

Mrs Trisha Iyer you can E-mail your Content at our Email Id. We will redraft the same & provide our inputs. Apart from that you need to provide a corroborative evidence like Death Certificate, in this case of your late mother – in law. We would recommend you Malayalam Manorama as it is an apt newspaper for the Condolence ad in Malayalam. For further assistance kindly Contact Mr Rajesh Bhanushali 9821454000 .

Q:10 Is the photograph necessary for an obituary advertisement to be published in the newspaper? Should I send it to you with the matter in an attachment?

The photograph is not a necessity aspect for an obituary advertisement. But at the same time the photograph helps to identify the deceased promptly by the friends , relatives & others . Yes, you can send it as an attachment along with the text matter. For further assistance kindly Contact Mr Rajesh Bhanushali 9821454000 .

Q:11 On which page is the obituary advertisement published in The Times of India and Hindustan Times ?

All the advertisements related to obituary or remembrance Ads are published on the obituary page which generally appears on 8th or 10th page of The Times of India and Hindustan Times. For further assistance kindly Contact Mr Rajesh Bhanushali 9821454000 .

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