Cancellation & Refund

If customer paid twice for one transaction, one payment will be refunded via same source within 15 to 20 working days

No cancellation will be entertain once the payment has been received

This is will be an offline cancellation process where in user needs to send a written communication to customer care team and make a request for ad cancellation.

For assured cancellation request made should be made within 48 hours from date of booking. Cancellation Charges (2.5%).

Justified and accepted complaints entitle advertisers to a maximum refund of the amount equivalent to the value of disputed and unpublished ads.

Request Raised within 48 hoursAd is cancelled (Cancellation Charges Apply)

Ad Cancelled after 48 hours

» Ad is cancelled if not schedule (Charges Apply)

» Incase Ad is scheduled by publisher no cancellation will be done only an effort can be made for stopping it from publishing ( Depends on publisher)

Add Missed by a Newspaper

» Full amount refunded on request

» Rescheduling is allowed

Request for rescheduling / Change of Ad text/adding more publication

» Allowed if not scheduled already

» No Charges apply

» Fresh dates will depend upon availability

» For extra amount online invoice will be sent. User will have to pay the extra amount if at all required

Documents not received on time

» Ad will not be published

» For cancellation request cancellation charges will apply

Ad Text not accepted by any newspaper

» Fresh Schedule can be done

» For cancellation charges apply

Duplicate Ad/Payment

» Cancellation charges will NOT apply