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Prajasakti advertisement rates

Vijaywada Display Advertisement rates in Vijaywada start from ₹ 140 sqcm

Vijaywada Display Advertisement rates in Prakasham start from ₹ 153 sqcm

Get Prajasakti display Advertisement rates, resonable Prajasakti advertisement rates also Check here latest Prajasakti Classified Rate Card, Prajasakti ad rate, Prajasakti Display Rate Card, Prajasakti Obituary Rate Card, Prajasakti Matrimonial Ad Rate Card Prajasakti Travel Ad Rate Card, Prajasakti Property Ad Rate Card

Prajasakti Display Ad Rate Card

Rates for Prajasakti Display Advertisement w.e.f. 1st December, 2023

All The Ad Rates are in per Sq Cm.
Editions Min Size Base Rate Front Page Back Page
B/W Color B/W Color B/W Color
Vijaywada 4X5 70 140 210 420 175 350
Guntur 4X5 70 140 210 420 175 350
Krishna 4X5 70 140 210 420 175 350
Visakha City 4X5 70 140 210 420 175 350
Visakhapatnam 4X5 70 140 210 420 175 350
Srikalkulam 4X5 65 130 195 390 163 325
Viziangaram 4X5 65 130 195 390 163 325
Chittoor 4X5 70 140 210 420 175 350
Prakasham 4X5 153 306 459 918 383 765
Nellore 4X5 70 140 210 420 175 350
Anantapuram 4X5 129 258 387 774 323 645
West Godavari 4X5 147 294 441 882 368 735
Kurnool 4X5 50 100 150 300 125 250
East Godavari 4X5 153 306 459 918 383 765
Note:The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

What is Prajasakti Ad Rates?

Cost Of Prajasakti News paper Advertisement depends on color, location, size, placement, edition.

Advertisement In Prajasakti Newspaper is very easy , just fill the advertisement details in form or just call to our assistant at 67704000.

Prajasakti Newspaper Advertisement Rates starts from 250 to 15 lakhs depend on your advertisement format and city you choose, also the placement in Prajasakti newspaper like front page, Prajasakti todays, and classified page.

Newspaper advertising rates are quoted per square cm. The rate of discount on newspaper cards depends on the size of the ad, inserts and product category.

The rates depends on placement in Prajasakti Newspaper like Advertising in Prajasakti on Front Page, Back Page or Page 3 have more cost than classified section.

The option of placing your advertisement in Prajasakti Newspaper will mean you pay less. At Riyoadvertising you will get more discount to publish your ad in Prajasakti Newspaper. You can check above Prajasakti Ads Rate in detail.

So to check rates for Prajasakti advertisement Click here

Prajasakti Public Notice Ad Rate in Bhuvneshwar B&W Ad Rate rs. 100.

Prajasakti Display Ad Rate in Kumta Front Page B&W Ad Rate rs. 300, Color Ad Rate rs. 375, AND Back Page Ad Rate B&W rs. 225, Color rs. 281, AND Inner Page Ad Rate B&W rs. 150, color ad rate rs. 188.

How to book online Advertisement in Prajasakti Newspaper?

We are happy to help you. You can share your advertisement requirements with us by Email / WhatsApp and our Riyo Representative will give you a quote instantly, once you approve we will release the advertisement in The Goan Everyday newspapers.

For Appointment Ads, kindly share your content on our email id or WhatsApp 9821984000, we will share your sample first, once you approve we will release appointment ads in Time of India.

You will received softcopy by Email of your advertisement.

newspaper advertisement

What Discount is giving for Advertising in Prajasakti Newspaper?

There are diffrent discounts and offer on packages for Prajasakti Newspaper.

Kindly speak with our assistant on 9821984000 for exact Discount available for Prajasakti Newspaper.

What are Ad Rates In Prajasakti Newspaper?

Prajasakti Display, Classified, Public Notice Ad rates.

  • Prajasakti Public Notice Ad Rate in Bhuvneshwar B&W Ad Rate rs. 100.
  • Prajasakti Display Ad Rate in Kumta Front Page B&W Ad Rate rs. 300, Color Ad Rate rs. 375, AND Back Page Ad Rate B&W rs. 225, Color rs. 281, AND Inner Page Ad Rate B&W rs. 150, color ad rate rs. 188.

I would like to place Display Color ads in Prajasakti, kindly share the advertisement sizes options ?

There are lot of different sizes are available. The Minimum size for Display ads in Prajasakti are as follows: 4 Cm Width X 5 Cm Height = 20 Square Cm, 10 Cm Width X 10 Cm Height = 100 Sq cm, 12 Cm Width X 20 Cm height =240 Square Cm (Quarter Page Ad in Prajasakti), 25 Cm Width X 16 Cm height = 400 Square Cm ( Half Page ad in Prajasakti).

Prajasakti Ad Rates

Prajasakti is telugu daily newspaper established in the year 1942 and was published from 1945 as it was subjected to subduing by the British and was banned in 1948.However,it had started again as a weekly journal in 1969 and took the form of a daily in 1981 with Vijayawada as the edition centre. The second and third edition started in 1997 from Hyderabad & Vishakhapatnam. In 2001 fourth edition came at tirupati, 5th edition in July 2003, 6th edition at Kurnool in November 2003, 7TH edition at Rajahmundry in may 2005, eighth edition in September 2005, the ninth edition in 2006 at srikakulam and tenth edition in 2012 at ongole.

How To Book Ads in Prajasakti Newspaper:

Riyo Advertising works with all the leading newspapers and magazines across India. Riyo Advertising can book your ads in Prajasakti, in all Categories like: Vehicle & Automobile ads in Prajasakti, Lost & found ads in Prajasakti, Property ads in Prajasakti, Tender Notice ads in Prajasakti, Education ads in Prajasakti, Name change in Prajasakti, Matrimonial ads in Prajasakti, Remembrance ads in Prajasakti, Obituary ads in Prajasakti.

Text Classified Ads in Prajasakti Newspaper – Text ads of small sizes (Classifieds) can be booked with easy text style and some part of the text can be highlighted with bold or capital letters.

Display Classified Ads in Prajasakti Newspaper - These ads have better visual effects to attract readers. It can have logos or other visuals supported by the text lines which can be booked in black and white or colour.

How a display ad is different from other classified ads?

A display ad is printed in more space like full, half or quarter page or as per requirement. Display ads have better visual effect, and generate better response.

A lot of creative work can be carried out in Display ads because of the uses of images, Colours and decorative fonts that are used.

Prajasakti newspaper ad Rates for 2022-23 Riyo Advertising books Classified and Display Ads in all sections:

Change of name ads in Prajasakti Newspaper: A change of name ad requires you to place the ad in 2 newspapers. one has to be a national newspaper, while the other a local newspaper. This is a standard requirement. You may need a change of name on your passport, driving license or any other document. A change of name document is also a need for many women after marriage. Riyo advertising help you with placing your “change of name” ad here. We also have various formats ready to suit your choice of ads.

Obituary ads in Prajasakti Newspaper : A place to book your ads when some near and dear one has passed away. You can pace your Obituary ads here to send across the message to friends and relatives. Your obituary ad can contains a message with a photograph of the dead.

Lost & Found ads in Prajasakti Newspaper: Lost an important document (a passport, driving license, certificate etc.?) This can be the most worrisome time. However, what you can do the least, is to place an ad as a possibility to find your important document. Choosing Mumbai mirror newspaper to advertise your "lost and found" ad will benefit you, as it has a very high circulation across the city. We at Riyo Advertising will lend you a helping hand and do the job for you.

Matrimonial ads in Prajasakti Newspaper: Your Look out is our look too. We at Riyo advertising will help you with your partner search. We offer the best rates and free ad samples to choose from. Place your matrimony ads through us, find that new person , Get married !

Recruitment ads in Prajasakti Newspaper: The right people are not all at one place, and hence to get them you will need to give a call. Place all your ad for vacancy in the recruitment section of Mumbai mirror, through Riyo advertising and invite the best talent.

Tender Notice Ads in Prajasakti Newspaper: A tender for a Government agency/department or a housing society, or a pvt contractor. Place all your Tender notice ads in this section of Mumbai mirror to invite the best bidders!

Property Ads in Prajasakti Newspaper: Placing a property ad in The Prajasakti is a beneficial idea as its a widely read newspaper in Mumbai and other metropolis. This is the reason it’s preferred by property dealers as it serves their purpose to reach the right target audience. Buy and sell property, place an add in the Property section of Mumbai mirror classifieds...through Riyo advertising who will offer the best rate options.

Avail special offers and rates for publishing your ads in Prajasakti : Obituary ads, Remembrance ads, Name change ads,Appointment ads, Recruitment ads, education ads,Vehicle & Automobile ads, Lost & found ads, Property ads, Public notice ads and tender notice ads.

Riyo advertising agency accepts all types of advertisement for prajasakti Newspaper. Call us for Special packages & discounted ad rates on 022 6770 4000 / 022 67706500 / 9821984000 or email us on

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