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Newspaper Advertising

Like how they say “East or West” India is the best the same way. If you want information on North, East, West or South Newspaper is the best. It’s like a network Wherever you go the network (Newspaper) follows

When you wake up in the morning & grab that cup of tea, what’s the first thing you look for? A Newspaper isn’t it? Now imagine a day without the newspaper, you are just so clueless about the entire world all- around you & the only thing you think. Duniya mein kya chal raha hoga? Now the ones who are tech savvy will log onto the internet but what about the ones who are still far away from technology. The paper as a substance carries more value only on two places. The newspaper & the currency note.

About Newspaper

NEWS focuses on 4 important aspects i.e. National News, Economy, World & Sports. The most reliable & powerful medium to reach out to every individual is the newspaper. Newspaper is available to us these days in all the sizes, right from a small supplement to full size newspaper.

It covers lot of information right from city news to country news, business news to sports news, global news to technology news. The best part is some of the newspapers is that it’s divided into different supplements covering the basic news & celebrity news in a separate supplement. The newspaper gets printed in various languages taking care of the information needs of all the people from a kid to an adult.

Types of advertising space available in newspaper

The two most common types of advertisement that you will see any newspaper is

Classified Advertisement

These advertisement are usually small advertisements charged on per word basis. Classified advertisements are subdivided under headings like Public Appointments, Situations Vacant, Situations Wanted, Matrimonial, Educational,Public Notices, etc.

Display Advertisements

These advertisements usually cover everyday life products like cosmetics, domestic items, kitchen ware, Electronic goods, etc. These ads come in all sizes, right from a full page ad to a half page ad to even a quarter page ad. These are either colorful or black & white with a lot of pictures, graphics and various fonts to catch the eye of the reader. A few examples of these kind of advertisements could be an ad for a new car launch, cricket world cup event, a hit movie release, a new product lunch by a cosmetic company, an upcoming or ongoing sale, etc.

Business Card Advertisement

Business Card ads are in the size of Business Cards and sometimes even bigger with thicker outlines. These ads create an impact about you and your brand. They can be placed anywhere in the newspaper and attract more attention of the reader because the advertiser is given the liberty to use his or her own designs and pictures.

Sale & Coupon Ads

The best example of these newspaper ads are the ads put by Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. To increase their sales & to attract customers they usually prefer full page ads in the first or second page as that’s what catches instant attention. You will find Coupon Codes given or the amount of discount being offered on various categories. This may not attract everyone but it’s definitely going to attract someone in need & improve brand visibility & consumer trust.

Here is an example of Coupon Ads. Every once a week and sometimes even more you have popular online shopping sites such as, occupying the entire front page of a newspaper mentioning and informing its reader to shop online and use Coupon Code : Shop30, ICICI25FEST etc to make the readers aware of the ongoing discounts and instead of offering discount to a particular customer, the Sale Ad invites the public into their stores to receive a discount on their product. Both these Ads use different sizes such as quarter-page, half page and full size page. The design and size of these Ad attracts many readers even if they are not initially interested.

Circular Ads :

Circular Ads are not usually printed in the newspapers but come as a separate sheet in the newspaper with business details.

Spotlight Ads:

This type of newspaper ad focuse the attention to a particular product, product line, staff member or customer of your business.

Property Ads

With a foray of builders coming into the market & offering good properties with good amenities, you will find a special sheet specially dedicated to these ads which have prices of different areas & details about various projects with possession dates, locality, etc.

Health Ads

As health is a major concern for a lot of people, hence you will see a lot of ads on health related issues like diabetes, BP, etc. & how does exercise, yoga & right diet help keep you fit. These are newspaper ads which you would find under health column.

Benefits of newspaper advertising

There are various benefits of a newspaper advertisement.

Why newspaper advertisement is most authenticated and reliable

Advertising Agency for all Leading Newspapers & Magazines for all Over India & Abroad

I have heard this plenty of times from my family members and myself including “Aaj Paper Nahi Aya ?” and i am pretty sure it just isn’t me or my family that says this. With the morning cup of tea reading a newspaper has become an habit, infact mandatory for me. Newspapers do form an essential part of our lives. I mean, i cant a imagine a day without it, i feel as if i have skipped something. In these folded sheets of a newspaper there is tonnes of information, articles, news, reviews, features and advertisements.

With the main objective obviously to keep the readers informed about the latest developments happening around the world. Any information that we receive from the newspaper makes the reader aware of what’s happening in their region, country and the world. It investigates and then presents important regional as well as world problems and their solutions.

With the Internet and the Advent of Technology there is no doubt that news does travel fast but the effectiveness of a newspaper still persists. Apart from separate columns on health and sports, many newspapers have cartoons, crossword puzzles and astrological facts. Newspapers also contain matrimonial columns, wanted columns and Advertising space.

There are various types of Newspaper Advertising Options which differ in size, placement, shape and cost.

Get a premium paid advertisement listing on our site is an email i used to receive from many online property websites, but the free ad listing did not help & the only calls i got was from Real Estate Brokers but it just dint work out with the clients due to various society norms of no bachelor etc. This was when i was trying to rent out my Apartment in Pune. I visited the Times of India office and the Sakal Times office and posted an Ad in the classified section and within two months i had a family staying at my place on rental basis. The Requirments & Specifications i put in the newspaper Ad such as only family, Rent, Uncovered Car Parking, Deposit was only for a target audience and only those fine genuinely interested with the terms had given me a call and, not that i din't mention all this in my online Ad but rather than getting a premium ad listing, Newspaper Advertising was cost effective and a proactive reader actively looking for deals is likely to notice my Advertisement.

Newspaper Advertising is required for a target audience unlike online advertising which is open to all. There are various other benefits an advertiser can avail by placing Ads in Local Newspapers. A newspaper advertisement allows you to reach a large number of people in a given geographic area and also with the advent of technology the reach is now not limited to only those people who get newspapers at their homes and offices but many leading newspapers have adapted to the changing times and offers e-paper services on their websites and also mobile applications services.

Also in a local newspaper, ads are often expected by the readers. One of the most important benefits of newspaper advertising is that the advertiser can change the nature of their ads every day with relative ease as opposed to broadcast media. Affordability is also another reason why newspapers ads are chosen as one can get an advertisement published according to his/her budget and the cost is also minimal. If you dont have a big budget, you can still run a series of small ads. Readers rely on reading newspapers for Job Vacancies, Business Opportunities, Shopping Information etc. Newspaper Ads also give a brand an immediate response.

What every advertiser looks for is to earn consumer trust which is the holy grail of a successful campaign. The Credibility and the trust factor is very important for any Organisation and any brand. Newspaper Advertisement is a valuable commodity to readers.

The Newspaper editorial environment typically adds credibility and legitimacy to the brand being advertised. To readers, the advertising in a newspaper is every bit as important as the news. Even if there is a rise in other forms of advertising, newspaper advertising is still the most preferred form of advertising and Newspaper Advertising Works.

Its a fact that newspapers are frequently thought of as a result medium by advertisers. They create traffic, move merchandise and also establish brands. According to a new study, Newspaper Advertising is the most reliable when compared to Television Ads or the Internet. In a world of thousands of messages a day, advertising in newspapers are one sure thing when it comes to producing results.

The following types / content in advertisements are not eligible for advertising and are strictly prohibited Other important rules for classified advertising

The following are a few important legal acts that have to be considered :

HT is winning big in Mumbai; no. 1 in Delhi

Hindustan Times is winning big in Mumbai with the number of readers going up to 14.35 lakh, which is more than that of Mumbai Mirror (10.98 lakh) and DNA (2.4 lakh) put together.

The Indian Readership Survey 2014, released on Friday March 27, confirmed HT’s status as the number 2 English daily in Mumbai. HT’s readership is now close to two-thirds of Times of India’s. Moreover, HT Mumbai is more popular among young readers: 46% of HT’s readers are in the 12-29 age group as against 39% for ToI. And 9.11 lakh of HT’s readers do not read ToI. In fact, more than 50% of HT Mumbai’s readers do not read any other newspaper.

Besides, 70% of HT Mumbai’s readers are from the most educated and affluent segment of the market, termed New Consumer Classification System (NCCS)-A in industry circles.

HT’s success is a reflection of its continued engagement with readers, through its journalism and civic campaigns. Under the banner of HT for Mumbai, the newspaper consistently raises issues that matter to you, the reader, and your city.

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