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Dainik Sambad Newspaper Advertising Rate / Tariff Card

Dainik Sambad Display Ad Rate Card
Rates for Dainik Sambad Display Advertisement w.e.f. 1st Dec, 2018
All The Ad Rates are in per Sq Cm.
Editions Base Rates Front Page Back Page / Page 3
B/W Color B/W Color B/W Color
Tripura 225 375 338 563 281 469
Note:The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.
Advertising Agency for all Leading Newspapers & Magazines for all Over India & Abroad
Dainik Sambad ad Rates for 2019

Dainik Sambad Ad Rates

Riyo Advertisers books advertisements for Dainik Sambad. We accept Display advertisement. You can give or publish your ad in Dainik Sambad through us.

Dainik Sambad (Bengali: দৈনিক সংবাদ) is a Bengali daily newspaper published from Agartala, the capital of the Indian state of Tripura. It is one of the largest circulated dailies in the state. It is considered among the better Bengali language news papers of the North East. In the May 2018 investigative journalism sting that revealed the extent to which the most reputable news papers in India were ready to print communally inciting articles for payments, Dainik Sambad (Gal Shakti) was among the only two publications to refuse to publish it and refused to sell out. This resulted in appreciation for the newspapers ideals in many respected branches of Indian media and people.

Riyo advertising agency accepts all types of advertisement for Dainik Sambad Newspaper. Call us for Special packages & discounted ad rates on 022 6770 4000 / 022 67706500 / 9821984000 or email us on

How to Book Ads in Dainik Sambad Newspaper:

Text Classified Ads in Dainik Sambad Newspaper :
–Text ads of small sizes (Classifieds) can be booked with easy text style and some part of the text can be highlighted with bold or capital letters.
Display Classified Ads in Dainik Sambad Newspaper
- These ads have better visual effects to attract readers. It can have logos or other visuals supported by the text lines which can be booked in black and white or colour.
How a display ad is different from other classified ads?
A display ad is printed in more space like full, half or quarter page or as per requirement.
Display ads have better visual effect, and generate better response.
A lot of creative work can be carried out in Display ads because of the uses of images, Colours and decorative fonts that are used.

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