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Property ads in Newspaper

A man from birth to death wants only three things i.e. Food, Clothes & Shelter. He toils very hard to get these three things and the entire life passes away. Out of the Three, Shelter is the toughest to get as the property rates are very high & not easy to get as it requires a lot of money. Property can be of two types, one can be owned & the other can be rented.

Types of property

► Owned Property

This is a type of property which is bought outright by the person & owns the property which is officially registered in his name & can be sold anytime by him. It also acts as a total asset which is held by an individual. It gives an individual a lot of satisfaction to own a house especially if it’s in a big city where buying a house is a tough job.

► Rented Property

This is a type of property which does not directly belong to an individual but is a rented place which is used by the individual by paying a rent to an owner of that property. There is a rent agreement which is signed between the owner & the individual which can then be for a minimum of 11 months or can be for a longer time depending on the owner.

► Leased Property

This is a type of property which is usually given to a company or a big corporate & is given for a longer period of time. This can be a commercial property where the owner & the company sign up a lease agreement for a particular period & the lease can either be extended or ended by the owner.

Types of Property Ads

► Text Classified Property ads

These are property ads which have the information about a particular property mentioned with more of text & would have very specific information which is required to give the basic information about the property.

► Display Classified Property ads

These are property ads which have information about a particular property in more detailed manner. The ad uses text as well as small images to give a look of the property picture & few more details like location, area in sq. ft., pricing, etc.

► Full Page Display Property ads

These are property ads used by bigger builders & owners who would like to target a larger audience. You will find these ads usually when the builder would like to inform about launching of a new building project, low property rates, etc. The information available is like a big picture with other details like amenities & other conveniences that the property has to offer.

Why Newspaper Property Ads

As a builder or an owner you already possess something that every individual is trying to own & so it becomes important for you to reach the right audience because it’s a big market with many players & it’s important to showcase the right details & in the right places at the right time. After all they say that things done at the right time & displayed at the right places can reap you great benefits. As newspaper property ads have the largest reach it can only help you build brand & reach out to the people & also the right vendors who can help you with things required for building your property.

Why Riyo Advertising

In this profession you have to reach the right people at the right time & so the timing of the ad is of utmost importance. This is where we can help as we have a wide reach & do advertisements in the most popular English, Hindi & Marathi dailies & we love to make your property ads look like there is none other.

We will guide you with the right media approach to grow & expand your business, evaluating marketing and sales for your astrological success. Profit making resources covering advertising, competitive intelligence, best practices, public relations, pricing, and market research for property ads & helping you turn it into a big builder.

Advertising for more than a decade, we have a balanced team of professionals with the combination of Experienced & youth.

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Property Ads in Times of india

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